Be Our Partner/Sponsor

Be our Partner/Sponsor

We can succeed together in the same winning team…

As a growing youth organisation with a patriotic zeal towards rebuilding Nigeria through positive initiatives, at Golden Minds Nigeria, we are committed to our noble cause. We have the time to make it work, including the energy to drive it, including the structure to sustain it.

We need you to partner with us to achieve our set goals on common grounds. As a corporate body, a Non-governmental organisation (NGO) or Fund (local or international), government Ministry or Inter-govenmental agency, a faith-based body, or even a philanthropic individual, you have the goodwill, the corporate social responsibility vision, and the kind and charitable heart.

Apart from being one of your core institutional, corporate and individual values to make an impact, reaching-out positively to our targeted beneficiaries, you also have the opportunity of giving your social cause, business or charity a brand with an increasing public reach. Our members and targets are spread nationwide, putting you at a great advantage. And since Golden Minds has a fast-growing web presence, as partners you get the benefit of the online advantage.

We have come up and will continue to come up with programmes and initiatives that win. This is because they are specially designed by people in our team who share the same socio-economic experiences with the targeted beneficiaries. Therefore, we feel the way they feel, and think the way they think; and it is for this reason that when we come up with programmes and initiatives, they want to fully participate because they felt it was about time something was done about it and think that this is the right way to address it. That is why our programmes succeed, and we wish that you partner with us to succeed even more in our current and future projects.

At Golden Minds, by always having in our golden mind the target of our projects from project conception to project design, development and implementation, your funds are always in the safe hands of the beneficiaries, not in our bank account because it will achieve the need for which it was provided to us. And as our partner for meaningful change, you will feel it, see it and know it! It is a golden promise that we always keep because commitment, dedication and integrity are some of our watchwords and organisational values.

Support us by being one of our partners/sponsor any of our programmes and initiatives! Simply contact us today on any of the following addresses:

1. Golden Minds Nigeria email address:

2. Senator Ihenyen
Public Relations/Project Management:

Thank you for partnering with us!

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