FAQ: Why We Need Your Support

Our Leverage and You

What we have is what you need!

Do You Have the Time to Dedicate to Achieve Your Set Goals?

At Golden Minds Nigeria, we appreciate the fact that the current, most valuable and global exchange rate in the world is time. The more time we are prepared to spend on the projects, programmes and other values we create towards realising the positive change that we desire for Nigeria, the greater our demanding power to get it done. What you see in Golden Minds today – mission and vision, people and partners, ideas and innovations – are all the things we have brought and continue to buy with the most valued time of our ever-passionate, committed, and dedicated leaders and members.

How Strong is Your Energy Level to Ensure that You Operate at Maximum Level?

Also, with our immense mental and physical energy as youths in their most productive ages, our golden minds have become the cheapest yet greatest wealth in our hands. Whenever we selflessly decide to sacrifice today for tomorrow, rewards keep coming our way. Treasurable rewards such as you!

What About the Capacity of the Organisation particularly in Terms of Project Planning and Implementation?

Since 2004, we have been involved in project conceptualisation, design, development and execution. We will leverage on our wealth of experience. Also, with the Golden Revolution Network, our in-house media PR group, along with the leaders of Golden Minds and to-be-assigned Project Coordinators, we are positioned to design and develop realisable change-driven initiatives. We can even design what you may call ‘taylor-made’ projects that make the desired impact on the lives of our beneficiaries, while also making a difference in yours by putting you at a golden advantage from any point of view you may want to look at the project results.

Can You be Trusted to Deliver Results?

No one can give what he does not have. And this is the same with Golden Minds, where we give you what we have, and not what we don’t – and this is the pillar of trust!

Of course, with the above assets at our reach, over 50% of what we need to fund clear-cut project goals have been met. The material support, such as financial assistance through sponsorships and internally-generated funds, only build on a firm foundation for future success.

What you have is what we need!

You have Charity and Goodwill

With a charitable heart, you want you milk of human kindness to flow to the poor and the needy. The good reputation you have built over the years in the minds of many because of your kindness and friendliness to us as belonging to one big community. That sense of charity and goodwill that keep our hope alive in the community you belong. With an open heart, just stretch out your hands and heal the world.

You are Socially Responsible

And because you have a charitable heart, the welfare of people in this big community that we all belong to is as serious as corporate business. Social responsibility is one of the most important values you have rubbed and continue to rub on your community because it is an investment into people’s future, and not an unprofitable venture. The rewards that come with taking responsibility when we act is far greater than the returns that come with being passive towards the welfare of others. And you understand this so well!

You Have a Choice

Resources create opportunities and possibilities that greatly expand our choices. Millions of Nigerians out there who go to bed every night without a meal do not have such choices. If they did, perhaps Nigeria would have been a better place to live and dream in for us all. It is in your hands to make a choice, not ours. Giving has become an investment into a brighter future for all of us, not just a charity.

When we fold our hands, the jobless youth soon becomes the violent militant and die-hard robbers in the corner; the orphan becomes the helpless beggar and destitute on the street; the poor drop-out, for being unable to pay school fees, soon becomes the prostitute or Internet scammer around you; the abused child grows up to disrespect life by abusing drugs…etc. Each time we look away from these societal decay, sometimes thinking others will do something about it while others also think exactly the same about you and nothing is eventually done because no one did a anything, such decay soon become monstrous disasters that may swallow us all!

The time to make that choice of change is now – the choice to open your heart, stretch your hands to reach-out to your society by healing its wounds today! You have a choice.


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