Steer Your Future

STEER YOUR FUTURE is a Career Development Training Programme organised by AcmeBound Nigeria Company.

In partnership with Golden Minds Nigeria, it will now be published on our website every month as a series.


Unemployment has been a nemesis which

has contributed to the depression of the

economy and all antics and solutions to

solve this riddle has hit the walls. In the absence of jobs for the youth, the nation is also missing contributions from them, in the form of intellectual capacity, to advance the nation in all spheres imaginable.

Also, given the fact that labour is the most

important factor of production to engender socio-economic development,

unemployment in whatever scale is akin to economic suicide. For instance directly or indirectly, unemployment and mass poverty (has been linked to) breed the growing menace of Boko Haram, kidnap syndicates, armed robbery, illicit drug business and other vices that threaten national well-being.

Yet, government does not share the blame alone! Over the years, employers have claimed that a key issue that has remained unchecked is that employees have over time, become liabilities – rather than assets – consequently resulting in strict screening exercises which has rendered numerous graduates unemployable (and unemployed).

The decline in the efficiency of the

educational sector has its role to play, as

more graduates are produced yearly, only

by certification but without actual education; which is already generating a concensus that the (first) degree is gradually losing its value. Needless to say is the stiffening competition encountered by the majority when seeking employment; only graduates that have an edge stand the chance to escape and survive the ordeals that this majority faces. This “edge” is what “STEER YOUR FUTURE” offers.

View the aim and objectives of Steer Your Future here and if you need to make an order for the book, (Employment Tool Kit) by Ayodele Awi or connect with the author, click here .

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