Projects and Initiatives

The Nigerian Flag Project (patriotism)

Ladies Summit (women empowerment and leadership)

Charity Visitations (charity and empowerment)

Nigeria’s Golden Asset (empowerment and nation building)

ASIST (empowerment)

Golden Graduates Day(Leaderhip & Nation-building)

Jingle Magazine (Patriotism, Selfempowerment, Leaderhip & Nation-buiding)

Jingle Magazine (Patriotism, Selfempowerment, Leaderhip & Nation-buiding)

Jingle Magazine

In 2010, the initiative of a national magazine with focus on challenging youths to create a new Nigeria was proposed by the Founding President/National Coordinator, Kenneth Ejiofor. Jingle Magazine, inspired by Ejiofor’s vision and the rebranding Nigeria campaign by the then Minister of Information, Prof. Dora Akunyili, became a reality! Interestingly, the maiden edition of the inspiring magazine was supported by the Honourable Minister herself.

On the day of the launching of Jingle magazine in Lagos, the occasion was graced by the Honourable Minister, Dora Akunyili ably represented by the of the Director, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN, Lagos). Others present were invited dignitaries, parents, Nigerian youths
including the National and Campus Executives of Golden Minds Nigeria as it coincided with our National Conference.

The Nigerian Flag Project (Patriotism)

This was a patriotic campaign aimed at positively affecting the minds of the Nigerians on campus through we saw as a ‘patriotic orientation’. Though with few hitches here and there, The project was on the whole seen as a success. Apart from being covered by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the project received plaudits from a large number of the members of the campus community who saw it as another opportunity to rededicate to the course of Nigeria.

Ladies Summit

This was an empowerment and leadership programme, that was specially designed for the women on the campus community. Presentations were given by several resource persons. This programmes was conceived as part of the organisation’s commitment to the achievement of the millenium development goals.

Oronsaye Home Visit

On the auspices of the organisation’s commitment to charity, the members of the body on 27th May 2008 visited the Oronsanye Orphanage Home in BeninCity, Edo State of Nigeria. Visiting one of the prominent orphanages in the region, the body’s members were armed with several gift items for the less privileged. And obviously, this charitable gesture left a lasting blueprint on the smiling faces of the benefitting children.

Nigeria’s Golden Assets (Empowerment and Nation-building)

This was a symposium organised in collaboration with the Law Students Association of the University of Benin. The aim of the programme being to empower the teeming youths in the campus community for nation building. During the various presentations by guest speakers, which included a former member of the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Paul Abedi, and the Dean of Students, Univerisity of Benin, Dr. Eddy Erhagbe, the role of the youths in nation building were continually portrayed to participants. The success of the programme was greeted with smiles on the faces of participants who could not over emphasiSe the usefulness of such a programme.

ASIST (Academic Empowerment)

ASIST is an acronym which stands for Academic Support Initiative for Students, is an initiative of the organisation specially designed to assist students in their academic pursuit. This maiden edition of the initiative consisted in providing relevant materials to some year one students of the 2007/2008 session in the Faculty of Law, University of Benin.
Due to the effectiveness of this initiative, the benefitting students posted a nearly 100% success in their examinations.

Golden Graduates Day

This is a special day set out at end of every academic session to reward all the graduating member(s) of the organisation. It’s aim is to encourage good leadership in youths towards good governance in the future.

The maiden edition was held in 2008, rewarding the graduating founders of the organisation. Several individual awards were dished out to deserving graduants and goodbye messages were also given.

With a little more support, we can do even more! Please support us to come up with more and even greater change-driven projects and initiatives, while also sustaining the ones already started. Your support and partnership is a great investment in future Nigeria. You can visit our Support Us page to make your own contribution to the course of building our nation, Nigeria. Thank you for your support!

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    We are doing more! Be the change you desire.

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