“For the nation to be powered, the individual must be empowered”

Amakiri D., Chairman, Law Golden Minds, Uniben Chapter



“With the way things are going today, Nigeria can never be a power-house in the league of nations”, said Emeka

“But why do you think so” asked Kolawole

“I don’t just think so, I know so!” answered Emeka. “Common Kolawole, are you blind? Look around you, this country is useless!”

“Well, with the way you’re going, I know you can’t be wrong!”

What way are you going about it out there as a Nigerian youth today? Be sure that the way you are going is exactly where you will meet your country, Nigeria. If you fail to empower your mind to power Nigeria ahead of the future, be sure that Nigeria would be too powerless to power you in the future. Stop waiting to be empowered by the government, empower yourself now! How? If you have not discovered or seen see the gold inside you, it is because with your two eyes open you may have been mentally blind to see it. Today, note and never forget this: You are already empowered, all you need do is discover it by yourself. Remember, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”, says Napoleon Hill.

Right now, you are standing on the golden Pillar of Self-empowerment! Because to build the nation, we must build the individual, at Golden Minds, we realise the need to continually engage our minds and put our energies into positive things that can give us power. The power to have considerable control over our future. One of such golden keys to self-empowerment in the information age is education. But as Goldenminds, we must further challenge our minds towards advancement. And to make advancements, we must develop ourselves – refine our minds to become true gold! With self-awareness and self-rediscovery come self-empowerment, which further propels you to self-realisation and finally, self-actualisation. It can happen to you, if only you believe in yourself and begin to build on your potentials. In today’s world, you must empower yourself for today and for the future!

You are the greatest asset of this nation! And this comes with immense challenges and responsibilities – the challenge of always creating value in yourself. You are not a liability to yourself, your family, community nor society, you are gold – a treasured asset! A potential nation, a living greatness! Through self-empowerment, you can fully realise your golden potentials. By leveraging on the smallest opportunities that we provide, you can live the Nigerian dream! Be creative, innovative and self-motivated. In Nigeria, you must be an  aggressive goal-getter! Your individual goals are as important to us as they are important to you because Nigeria is dead without your living dreams and aspirations for yourself and for your country, Nigeria!

In this way, personal development within Golden Minds is effectively facilitated. Your individual talents, intellect, skills and art as a Goldenmind is your endowed personal asset refined into rich national resources. Your success is our achievement, and our achievemnet is your golden success! Your passion today can be developed into your asset for the future. Your golden mind is not just your greatest asset, but also to the over 140 million Nigerians and the over 6 billion people in the world!

With the Pillar of Self-empowerment, we provide you with just the support you need to empower yourself towards powering your nation. We show you Nigerian youths like you who are empowering themselves, and by so doing, becoming great assets for positive change in Nigeria. What better ways are there to challenge your mind to start realising its potentials than by starting something and meeting self-empowered Nigerians out there? This pillar also supports you with the golden opportunities available out there  that you can explore to be empowered to power Nigeria to greatness. You have the potential, just as Nigeria does.

One of the ways we are empowering you especially in today’s information age is through our Data Bank, an initiative designed to give you 24/7 access to the information you need to move ahead! But you move ahead and stay ahead, you are the one to make the choice of pushing your head forward to the finish line, not Nigeria, because Nigeria has been waiting for you since 1960! Do you also know that by getting involved in issues that affect the Nigerian youth, such as we are doing in Golden Minds today, you can greatly unleash the power of your mind towards self-empowerment? Volunteer to make things happen in Golden Minds by actively participating in forum discussions, projects and ideas, innovating and implementing solutions, and see how you can start self-empowering yourself in little ways that prepare you for the bigger opportunities! Again, we know because we are the ones behind Golden Minds, and our priceless rewards just keep coming!

If you happen to know a self-empowered Nigerian youth we are yet to meet, or great empowerment opportunities, initiatives and programmes we are yet to feature here, you can contact us! A Goldenmind is always self-empowered. Take the golden challenge! Show self-empowerent to other Nigerian youths out there who are yet to have the golden opportunity of standing on this solid pillar!

  1. edamwen ehiosu
    11/10/2014 at 10:52

    please,i want to know how one can empower him/herself in nigeria. little tips from you guys won’t be a bad idea for a headstart for me. looking forward to hear from you,thanks…

  1. 19/08/2014 at 13:03

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