‘To be patriotic to one’s nation is not a duty nor obligation, it is a way of living, a way of dreaming and a way of dying.’

– Senator Ihenyen, Campus President, Golden Minds, Uniben.




“I’m tired of this worthless country”, said a Nigerian youth after remaining jobless for over three years after graduation, “I badly need a U.S. VISA to leave! Nigeria is just useless!”

Such is the frustration written on the millions of faces out there, particularly among youths whose dreams and aspirations are threatened on a daily basis. Aren’t you just sick and tired of it?


At Golden Minds, we are completely sick and tired of this country too, and we are running to another country away from the Nigeria that you know! We are processing our VISAs and passports to another country with greener pastures where our dreams can be fulfilled and our full potentials realised. Where we are running to is a first-world country and the most developed country you have ever imagined! A ‘land that is attractively beautiful, and without spots or blemish, where everything works,’ a ‘land of opportunities’ where ‘everyone’s aspirations are met.’ A place where ‘the people exploit potentials with equal rights’. It is a land even greater than that country you have ran to or about to run to thinking it is the most powerful nation on earth! The nation we are heading to is inside of us – our golden minds – when we get there, it is what you can rightly call a golden land. Our vision is to make Nigeria a golden land by making Nigerian youths such as you golden minds! With patriotism, it is a lot easier to realise!

Taking responsibility as a Nigerian youth today is the starting point for patriotism. Rather than always blaming our leaders for the wrongs, we must identify ourselves as leaders as well and begin to do what is right. In this way, we become the agents of the change we desire – being the change. It is only when you have a burning patriotic spirit in you that your leadership and self-empowerment can have a meaningful impact on you, your family, your community, your country and your world. A successful citizen in a failing Nigeria is a failed being. The ‘gold’ you think you have and treasure so well is not real and worths nothing until you treasure the land in which you are born or the land in which you live, the land in which you dream or the land in which your remains will be. It is only with a golden mind that the golden land is realistic because patriotism is the golden compass to nation-building. Remember our mission? – Nurturing youths to become patriotic leaders who are empowered to build Nigeria.

All the great men who ever lived, still living today and that will ever be born were, are and will always be driven to greatness by the overpowering spirit of patriotism! Patriotism means putting your country before yourself. Ask Gani Fawehinmi what made him the conscience of Nigeria and the greatest activist Nigeria had ever had! Or if Barrack Obama decides to visit Nigeria, or you get to go to the White House, ask him what gave him such “audacity of hope” to be the President of the most powerful nation in the world. Or perhaps when you read “A Long Walk to Freedom”, find out what made Nelson Mandela tick even in prison, ending up to be the greatest President to have ever come out of Africa! Patriotism is indeed a way of life for the greatest of men out there.

Won’t you take a step to greatness by being patriotic towards Nigeria today? In Golden Minds, that is the way we want to live, dream and die! As citizens, we have duties and obligations that we must play to move Nigeria forward, sacrificing our time and energies for the values and the change we believe in. To this end, we must build ourselves to become responsible citizens and live up to that expectation of being the greatest asset of our nation, Nigeria.

With Patriotism, we provide you with just one of the pillars you need to support yourself towards being an agent of change today. Here, you get to meet great and patrotic Nigerian youths whose dreams and aspirations, success and achievements have been powerfully driven by the spirit of patriotism towards Nigeria. Is it not inspiring and challenging to see icons and Nigerian youths like you follow the great footsteps of our founding fathers to cause positive change in their country? This love-for-country pillar of support for change-makers also provide you with golden opportunities out there to put a patriotic spark into whatever you do. But you are the one to make the choice, not Nigeria, because as we always like to say, Nigeria has been waiting for you since 1960!

Do you also know that by getting involved in issues that affect the country you love as a Nigerian youth, such as we are doing in Golden Minds, you can greatly unlock the green spirit in you? Volunteer to make things happen in Golden Minds by actively participating in forum discussions, projects and ideas, innovating and implementing solutions, and discover that it is not vague to be patriotic but a concrete thing you will not only feel, but see, smell, touch and taste! We know the green feeling we get when we do what we know how to do best – being the change – because we are the ones behind Golden Minds, and our priceless rewards just keep coming! By joining us, getting involved and working with us, patriotism cannot possibly be more practical, challenging and fun!

We know you must have met greatly patriotic Nigerian youths out there we are yet to feature in our geen spotlight, let us get to know them! Or if you have been involved in or know about any patriotic projects, initiatives and programmes we are yet to feature here, you can always contact us. A Goldenmind is always a patriotic mind. Take the golden challenge! Show patriotism to your country, Nigeria, and help other Nigerian youths out there who are yet to let the spirit of patriotism reach their hearts discover it! Soon, they will also have the golden opportunity of standing on this pillar for solid support to to live the Nigerian dream!

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  3. 17/10/2014 at 02:31

    Lack of patriotism is an issue facing Nigeria now, especially with the countless problems we face. It is commendable that a group of people are coming together to tackle this. There are some questions we have to ask however. Why is patriotism seen as innately good? Why should people love the country in which they are born in and what makes it the right thing to do so? Interestingly, most of the people mentioned above, like Nelson Mandela where not necessarily fighting for their country but for causes- freedom, equality. Anyway, I won’t go too long. I recently wrote a discussion letter on patriotism on my blog- visionletters dot org. So check it out. I touched on such questions. I believe knowing the causes and effects of patriotism can help us understand how to get there faster. See you around.

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