‘To rebuild Nigeria, we have to build Nigerians. And because Nigeria – the land, cannot build us – the mind, we must be continually committed to building ourselves for nation-building.’       Golden Minds Nigeria



At Golden Minds, we always say that Nigeria is a reflection of Nigerians. If “Nigeria is useless” today, it is ourselves as Nigerians who live in it that we spite, not the land that has no mind to think of remaking itself. Neither does the land have hands to work towards it, nor heart to feel the need to aspire, nor visionary eyes to see the possibility of a greater future! It is you and us who must be her mind and hands, her heart and eyes to make Nigeria a living dream! You are the Nigerian the land has been waiting for since 1960! Don’t keep waiting for her because she has little or nothing to offer you. What have YOU got to offer her as a Nigerian today? Run abroad? Scam on the Internet? Push drugs? Prostitute in the streets? Join cultism? Cause electoral violence? Rob a bank? Spread HIV/AIDS? Kidnap nationals and expatriates? Or just dangerously waiting for the government?

The word, ‘Nigeria’ is abstract. What exists, concretely, is Nigerians – you and us. Every action or inaction we individually engage in today either builds or destroys our nation.  Nation-building does not necessarily require that you get into a political office first. No! It requires that you take responsibility for your life, buld your mind and always think positively towards your country. By supporting yourself with the other three pillars of Leadership, Self-empowerment and Patriotism, you are on a fast track to nation-building! It is only through these means that you can unlock the great potential of your nation. To build the nation without these pillars is tantamount to futility. Without these three pillars, our goal of building the nation would be vague, and this in turn kills our motivation to cause a change in Nigeria. Just as we cannot do it on our own, you  cannot do it alone, but whenever we do something right we add another rung to the ladder we have all being climbing to move Nigeria to the next level, rather than having to face the risk of jumping and falling! Altogether, the four pillars of Golden Minds which you now stand upon are supportive of each other, just as your membership of Golden Minds is supportive of the vision of making Nigeria a golden land. We cannot do it alone, but together, the golden land is in our hands already!

Nation-building is all about your personal development harnessed towards national advancement. It is all about the mind develoing the land. It is all about you and your country, Nigeria! Our mission aptly captures the interelatedness and indivisibility of our four golden pillars: ‘nurturing youths to become patriotic leaders who are empowered to build Nigeria’. With the Pillar of Nation-building, we provide you with the all-inclusive support you need to be a true Goldenmind working towards the golden land.

Here, you get to meet nation-builders in their own right. People who are taking the LEAD in EMPOWERING themselves with a PATRIOTIC spirit that inspires them towards NATION-BUILDING; Great Nigerians who are driven by the public good, public interest and social transformation! People who are, with Golden Minds, taking us all to the golden land. How inspiring, motivating and challenging it is to see icons and Nigerian youths like you building their nation! Do you also know that by getting involved in issues that affect the nation you intend to build, such as we are doing in Golden Minds, you can greatly unlock the nation-building potential in you? Volunteer to make things happen in Golden Minds by actively participating in forum discussions, projects and ideas, innovating and implementing solutions, and discover that it is not beyond you to build this country, but quite within your reach! Build yourself and help others do the same, together, we are all Nigeria. No one needs to tell us how great it feels to build Nigeria, because that’s eactly what we know how to do best. How? We are the ones making things happen around here in Golden Minds, and our priceless rewards just keep coming! By joining us, getting involved and working with us, you can experience nation-building in all its practicality! Nothing could possibly be more real, challenging and rewarding like buiding Nigeria!

With someone like you out there, we believe you have been coming across nation-builders, or you know one or two projects, initiatives and programmes that provide great opportunities for nation-building which we are yet to feature here, you can always contact us! A Goldenmind is always a nation-builder, no matter where he finds him or herself. Take the golden challenge! Start building your nation, Nigeria, today. Who knows? What you set out to do today might just be what other Nigerian youths out there who are yet to start realise the need to do so. In the nearest future, they will also have the golden opportunity of standing on this pillar for solid support to build a new Nigeria for us all!

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