Leadership involves the state or ability of being a leader. This means leadership is not just limited to holding positions (state) but also involves the quality of a person in showing the way and being the best in what he does.”

Golden Minds Nigeria


“Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”, so it is always said, but how would you know when tomorrow has come? Benjamin Desraeli seemed to have answered this question years ago when he said: “We live in an age when to be young and to be indifferent can no longer be synonymous. We must prepare for the coming hour”. In essense, as the “leaders of tomorrow”, we must be seen to be stepping up to the challenges of leadership today wherever we find ourselves, else “tomorrow” may never come! To help you step up today, our pillar of Leadership at Golden Minds is built to give you the solid support that you need!

At Golden Minds, we strongly hope to provide transformational leadership to Nigerian youths like you through our idealised influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualised consideration (Transformational 4Is –Youth Day Keynote Address: The Need for Transformational Leadership by Dr. Rick Evans Enyolu). With these, we believe that you can perform beyond our expectations as you become addicted with the need for change and the desire to be the change.

As a Goldenmind projecting the need for change, you must take the lead in being the agents of change. It is by so doing that you become a refined leader even in your youth. It is one thing to aspire for the position of the President of a nation tomorrow, but it is not different from being a leader in whatever positive thing you are involved in today. This is the reason in Golden Minds we say, ‘the youths are the leaders of today, not tomorrow’. The ‘leaders of tomorrow’ will always remain that because today was tomorrow yesterday. Whenever we take responsibilities as youths today, we greatly develop and unleash our leadership potential. As Goldenminds, we are always encouraged to show leadership anywhere we find ourselves.

To always take the lead in whatever you positively put your mind to, the time is now! With the pillar of Leadership, we project to you icons and Nigerian youths like you who are taking the lead in causing positive change out there. What better way is there to be a great leader than meeting one? This pillar also provides you with great leadership development opportunities that you can explore to be the best you can be to making Nigeria the best nation she can be. Do you also know that by getting involved in issues that affect the Nigerian youth, such as we are doing in Golden Minds, you can greatly unlock your leadership potentials? Volunteer to make things happen in Golden Minds by actively participating in forum discussions, projects and ideas, innovating and implementing solutions, and see how practical leadership can bring immeasurable success to you! We know because we are the ones behind Golden Minds, and our priceless rewards just keep coming!

If you are out there and feel there is a great leader (individual or body) out there we are missing, or leadership opportunities such as leadership programmes and initiatives we are yet to feature here, you can contact us! A Goldenmind is always a great leader. Take the golden challenge! Show leadership to other Nigerian youths out there who are yet to have the golden opportunity of standing on this solid pillar!

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