Our Foundation: Since 2004

Early Beginnings

Since we started Golden Minds, we have been making every effort to continue to hold our highly enlightening, insightful, informative, educating and empowering Foundational meetings.

The Challenge of Passing on the Golden Touch on Campus

With founding leaders and members having to graduate since the body was founded in 2004, passing on the golden touch to new generation of golden minds on campus have been one of our goals. From 2004 – 2012, our foundational meetings continued to hold in the University of Benin, Benin City, Ugbowo campus.

The Builders’ Foundation: the Tree Planted by the Founding Fathers of Golden Minds

When Golden Minds was still working with her former structure, the Builders’ Foundation at the centre, and the Affiliate Foundation at the Faculty level, we were engaged in change-driven initiatives that saw our most valued members challenging, developing and empowering themselves through the platforms we provide.

And under our present Builders’ Foundation and Golden Foundation, such programmes are still being held. Founded on Christ, we engaged our minds in positive things for the purpose of recreating our world with the creative spirit of our Maker.

In the weekly Builder’s Foundation, which had been on since 2004, apart from providing an avenue where youths on campus can exchange ideas about issues that affect them and the nation, Nigeria, we committed ourselves to challenging, motivating and helping them become active agents in the change process.

The Segments: Golden Minds Anthem, Golden Talk, Interactive Session, the National Anthem

With segments such as the Golden Talk –where a speaker gives attendees a talk on a chosen pertinent issue for the purpose of building the minds of our members; the all-involving Interaction Segment moderated by a facilitator who brings a national issue before the Foundation not just for possible solutions and suggestions to decision-makers for the way forward, but also how Golden Minds as an organisation can practically get involved.

This in essence demonstrates our pillars of Leadership, Patriotism and Nation-building at work, as we do not just want to end up making recommendations to pour leaders, but also taking the lead in working out the solutions ourselves with a patriotic spirit for the ultimate nation-building. With the traditional recitation of our National Anthem as Nigerians at the beginning of every Builders’ Foundation meeting, we are always at our best patriotic spirit.

The Fruitful Discourses: Issues Affecting the Nigerian Youths

Some of the issues we have discussed and engaged our minds in include the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria in 2015, Vision 20:2020, the Seven-Point Agenda, Education, Corruption, Cultism and Youth Violence on Campus, HIV/AIDS and the Youths and many others. It is such discussions as these that brought forth fruits such as our programmes.

Such programmes include the Ladies’ Summit on campus, Nigeria’s Golden Asset empowerment talk, the Golden Race for Education and Empowerment in Nigeria (GREEN), including the initiative, Advise for Initiative and Social Responsibility (ADVISOR).  

Affiliate Foundations: the Golden Branches from the Tree

While the above were going on in the central Builders’ Foundation, our Affiliate Foundations, which at the time included Agriculture Golden Minds and Law Golden Minds, were also making appreciable impact in their various Faculties, bringing the message closer to our member in various ways that met their unique needs.

It is from the Affiliate Foundation that our leadership and membership drives are deepened, while also aiding the academic performance of our members as a youth organisation based in and an academic community; our Academic Student Support Initiative (ASSIST), for instance.  

The Walk to the Golden Land Continues:

With zeal, we continue to run with the golden vision, breaking new grounds and expanding boundaries. Armed with our golden minds, we will continue to apply innovation to towards creating opportunities and providing solutions that work.

We will form new partnerships, design new projects and reach-out to more Nigerian youths, forming a synergy that works for us all, for our nation Nigeria and the world we live in.

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    28/08/2013 at 16:07

    One for all; All for one

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