GOLD: Leadership Training Kit

GOLD…for leaders who win!


In Golden Minds, we don‘t only see leadership as the engine for transformation, but also as an opportunity to become the best that
you have always wanted to be, and as a reward for excellence. With GOLD, you have the engine, the opportunity and the reward packed into one! An acronym, GOLD means Get Optimum Leadership Development.

GOLD is our resource tool for leaders in Golden Minds Nigeria. With Gold, you will learn practical leadership skills such as management skills, project management skills, fund-raising and support skills, strategy etc. It is a resource base to facilitate continual and result-oriented capacity building for our leaders, not just to transform the body but also transform themselves and the nation.

Dynamically designed to touch on every aspect of leadership skills that you will need as a leader to succeed, GOLD is for leaders
that win! We use some of the best resources available in the world to make you a capable and successful leader. The practical skills you acquire with GOLD can be applied in even your own position in Golden Minds and any other place of leadership.

Whether you are working on a project, sourcing for funds or managing a programme or initiative, GOLD is all you need to succeed.

Prepared by the office of the Project Director, GOLD is our leadership training resource for leaders. It is accessible to only leaders through a password protected page on our website.

Go for GOLD!

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