Goldshield V

Goldshield V: the Role Models of the golden vision and the Nigerian dream!

goldshield v

GoldShield V is a special category for recognising and honouring persons who have been highly inspiring to Nigerian youths. Yes, you can call them the role models!

Both individuals and organisations such as NGOs, corporate bodies, faith-based bodies, government agencies can be honoured with this distinguished honour.

To attain this honourary role model level, the individual or body so honoured may or may not be a member of Golden Minds. As a role model, real impact in any field or sector is vital. From time to time, the leadership of Golden Minds Nigeria are to decide on the person deserving such a golden honour, and suggestions are also welcome from members of the body

For any question or further information, please you can contact us. We will get back to you in no time.


  • 1. A golden plaque presented in recognition of your excellent and exemplary impact on Nigerian youths as a worthy role model

  • 2. Opportunity to be exclusively featured on PinnacleGold, Golden Mind Nigeria‘s most pretigious online media interview series.

  • 3. You will be eligible for a honourary membership of Golden Minds Nigeria

  • 4. You also become one of the Ambassadors of the Golden Vision and recognised as one of the official friends of Golden Minds Nigeria

  • 5. You will enjoy access to our projects and programmes and our online platforms can be used by you tto feature or project any initiative of yours that share common values and ideals with the vision of Golden Minds Nigeria

  • Reviewed on August 22, 2012

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