Goldshield III

Gold Shield III: the engine of every golden transformation!

goldshield iii

Goldshield III is the membership category for only the leaders in Golden Minds Nigeria.

Both the current and past leaders of Golden Minds Nigeria and/or our affiliates are qualified to be in this level. It is the level for those who are continually working towards the achievement of the golden vision. This category provides great opportunities for all-round self-development. With the challenges of being a leader present, you will be acquiring great practical skills with some of the most motivated minds in the body at the level of leadership. You’ll also be rubbing minds with the Founding President and Project Director of Golden Minds Nigeria, Gold Kenneth Ejiofor!

To attain this level, apart from serving or having served as a leader in Golden Minds, you must have also paid your annual membership fee of 1000 naira only to date.

For any question or further information, please you can contact us. We will get back to you in no time.



  • 1. Unlimited access to our resourceful website and our Facebook group, and having the opportunity to be part of the administrative and management teams of the website and social media group page

  • 2. Apart from access to read our inspiring, motivational and facilitative articles and also submit articles for possible publication, you have the opportunity of also developing your editorial skills by becoming the Editor-in-Chief or joining the Editorial Team.

  • 3. As a member of Golden Minds, you will enjoy unrestricted access to our periodical newsletter, YES (Youth Empowerment Skills), and as a leader, have the opportunity of becoming the Project Coordinator (Youth Development and Capacity Building) or working in his team.

  • 4. You will also have the opportunity of brainstorming, organising, and planning for various projects, and also participating in the offline activities of the body such as during project activities and our annual Golden Minds Nigeria Conference. Also, you can incorporate your own projects into the project plan of the organisation

  • 5. Unlimited access to opportunities for self-development and self-empowerment of yourself on our platforms. You will be eligible for participation in such schemes as financial empowerment programmes and ideas that can greatly improve your networth

  • 6. As a leader in Golden Minds, you can be featured in PinnacleGold, our exciting online media interview series if we believe you have an impact-driven person with notable achievements. Of course, you also have the opportunity of joining the Editorial team to help interview selected personalities and involve in production and publishing processes. This will build your capacity continually

  • 7. If you were a former leader of
    the body, another opportunity to serve
    again in line with our Constitution; or
    the privilege of being consulted by
    present leaders in the running of the

  • 8. If you are a serving leader, from time to time, you will enjoy access to GOLD (Get Optimum Leadership Development), our special leadership training resource from the desk. Of the Founding President, Ken Ejiofor.

  • 9. A Certificate for Transformational
    Leadership presented by the Founder of Golden Minds and Project
    Coordinator upon the successful
    completion of your tenure.

  • 10. Opportunity to network by
    participating in offline public activities
    of the body with NGOs, corporate bodies, government agencies,
    distinguished individuals etc.

  • 11. Opportunity to develop and
    improve your leadership skills and
    build a portfolio with your job
    experience in Golden Minds Nigeria

  • 12. Opportunity to acquire analytical, communication, inter-personal, managerial and leadership skills that will greatly improve your abililies and positively impact on your life and career.

  • 13. Opportunity to start, develop and promote your own personal idea or project in line with the noble values of Golden Minds Nigeria, and get support from the body to help you realise your full potentials.

Reviewed on August 22, 2013

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