Goldshield II

GoldShied II: a new generation, the motivation behind every successful step!

goldshield ii

Great to know you’re moving to the next level! Goldshield II is the level of great opportunities for self- empowerment! To attain Goldshield II, you must have successfully completed your Fireplace interview! Of course, payment of your annual membership fee of 1000
naira only is also required to get you to this engaging level…with great benefits!

For any question or further information, please you can contact us. We will get back to you in no time.


  • 1. Unlimited access to our resourceful website and our Facebook group

  • 2. Access to read our inspiring, motivational and facilitative articles and also submit articles for possible publication

  • 3. As a member of Golden Minds, you will enjoy unrestricted access to our periodical newsletter, YES (Youth Empowerment Skills)

  • 4. You will also have the opportunity of participating in the offline activities of the body such as during project activities and our annual Golden Minds Nigeria Conference.

  • 5. Unlimited access to opportunities for self-development and self-empowerment of yourself on our platforms

  • 6. As a Goldshield II member of Golden Minds, you can be featured in PinnacleGold, our exciting online media interview series if we believe you are an impact-driven person with notable achievements and meet applicable guidelines.

  • 7. Opportunity of meeting like-minded
    individuals for positive exchange of ideas.

  • 8. Being a GoldShield II member or higher is one of the requirements of being qualified to become a leader in Golden Minds Nigeria and build your leadership skills and profile

  • 9. Opportunity to start, develop and promote your own personal idea or project with possible support from Golden Minds Nigeria where in line with the noble values of Golden Minds Nigeria

  • Reviewed on August 22, 2013

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