Golden Minds on Campus

Our Foundations

We are not yet where we ought to be, but we are not where we use to be”

Ufuoma Esemuede, former Campus President, Uniben

When Golden Minds was founded in July 2004, it started as a small circle of passionate and visionary youths in the Ugbowo Campus of the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. We had a weekly Builders’ Foundation in the centre for all the members of the organisation on campus, from various Faculties, especially students of the founding affiliate, the Faculty of Agriculture. Under the various leadership of the founding President, Ken Ejiofor, and Ufuoma Esemuede, students from other Faculties such as Law, Medicine, Engineering etc gradually joined the growing organisation.

In August 2008, there was a new leadership on campus under Senator Ihenyen. This has seen the various attempts to reposition Golden Minds for effective change on campus, while also closely working with the National Executives to reach-out to Nigerian youths nationwide. A new Constitution for the effective running of the organisation on campus, and a new structure was proposed and approved. Strategies for strengthening the four pillars of Golden Minds, Leadership, Self-empowerment, Patriotism and Nation-building, was also prepared and set-out in the Leadership Handbook of Golden Minds. After these internal changes, the need for re-branding as the next step cumulated in the designing of a new logo and motto for the organisation, with focus on our vision of making Nigeria a golden land.

Our Golden Structure

In the past, we had been building our members in the Builders’ Foundation with segments such as the Acts of Golden Minds, the Golden talk, Interactive Session etc, at the central level, and also having affiliate meetings in the faculty level, with the aim of bringing the organisation with its message closer to the youths. This had the effect of improving our input level (positively changing mindsets), with little projection of the output (carrying out change-driven projects to sustain the input).

Today, however, our new three-fold structure on campus, the Builders’ Foundation, Leaders’ Foundation and Golden Foundation, to be effective in 2009, provide us with the fresh opportunity of making the utmost impact in the community we are based. This represents a structural repositioning which we require to move us to the next level:



Builders’ Foundation Weekly affiliate meetings in the faculties where Golden Minds is established.
Leaders’ Foundation Periodical meetings of the central and affiliate executives for initiative design and project planning, development, fund sourcing and execution.
Golden Foundation Monthly meetings of the whole body of the organisation comprising of members, graduate members of Golden Minds, intending members, resource persons, guest speakers etc. The week this Foundation is to meet, no other foundation shall meet.

Our three Foundations are independent of the other, but indivisible interdependent and interrelated within Golden Minds. The challenge has been the task of maintaining our brick and mortar presence on campus with the limited financial resources at our disposal.

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