5 Reasons to Make a Donation Today

Thank you for being there to support us with your kind donations!

Golden Minds Nigeria cannot do it alone. Your generous contributions, no matter how little, will go a long way in impacting on our projects. As a philanthropic individual, corporate body, NGO, Government Ministry or Inter-governmental agency, or a faith-based body, we humbly appeal to you to make a difference today by putting your money where your heart is:

To make a donation, get in touch with any of the contacts below to enable us provide you with the most convenient means to make your donation to Golden Minds:

1. Golden Minds Nigeria

2. Kenneth Ejiofor
Founding President&National Coordinator,
Golden Minds Nigeria

Thank you!

Why your donation is greatly needed:

We realise that we are a not-for-profit orgainsation, that appreciates the implication of seeking funds from the people we have in mind. It is for this reason that we recognize the following


1. As a not-for-profit organisation, we realise that the majority of our programmes, initiatives and operation will be funded through sources such as sponsorships and donations, both of which can come from philanthropic individuals, local and international Funds and corporate bodies

2. That our programmes and projects are change-driven initiatives that are common with the goals and ideals of other stakeholders such as government ministries and inter-governmental agencies, youth organisations and NGOs and corporate bodies among others towards making a difference in the society;

3. We realise that our programmes and projects can be a vibrant avenue that can help project the business image and values of the latter, corporate bodies, when they partner with us based on their commitment to social responsibility in the society in which we belong.

4. That driven with the passion to cause a positive change as it is consistent with the ideals and values of Golden Minds, individuals out there can also provide funding to us. However, such donations are made with the utmost belief and expectation that such funds will be used appropriately based on transparency, accountability and integrity.

5. That our donors expect us to provide results, benefits and value with the donations made to us. To this end, at Golden Minds, we treat all donations as ‘investments’ for positive change.

Thank you for donating to us!

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