Why we are unique

Our mind is simply gold

In many ways, you will discover that Golden Minds as an organisation is a unique one. This is because every individual Nigerian youth such as you is unique, and what we represent is another you! We are a youth organisation that is focused on who you are and who you want to be, and not what we are and what we want to become as an organisation.

You will find that our vision and goals, people and partners, programmes and initiatives, are all geared towards making you the change that this country needs! This is why our motto states: being the change. If you do not change positively as a Nigerian, Nigeria can never change from the negative as a nation. And the more positive minds we are able to build, support and sustain, the closer we are to a Nigeria where the realization of full potentials is the brand.

A a group founded by Nigerian youths for Nigerian youths, we appreciate our challenges and limitations, and do not want to add to our already brimming problems in Nigeria by giving another dimension to those problems. Hydra-headed problems need hydra-headed solutions, just as its complexity must meet with diversity. Golden Minds seek to provide diverse solutions by working closely with every Nigerian youth out there, and together, helping to realise diverse dreams, diverse visions and goals that ultimately merge into the common interest of a better Nigeria for all of us – the golden land.

In our five years of existence as a youth organisation, we have practically realised that to get to a desired end, we must first of all mentally get to that end before physically moving towards that end. As ordinary as this might sound, it is our strategic principle for change.

There are some organizations out there that make claims to having the capacity to change Nigeria for the better, but experience has shown that this noble goal does not usually go beyond lips and papers. This is because after youths join in, they practically end up being a group of advocates for change. While this advocacy is not completely bad, wholly placing all our energies on strongly asking for change is not what we consider as a strategic move. If we desire positive change for Nigeria but leave it to others such as leaders to give us the needed change by continually asking, reminding and even begging them, we will need a miracle to avoid the wastage of time, energy and resources! We may be adding more problems rather than providing solutions when we throw away our own assets and become our nation’s liabilities. We refuse to be beggars of change, but be movers – change-makers – by being the change, not change-advocates by recommending it to sole change-makers!

With you in our golden team, and with God always on our side, we can all get out of this change campaign cycle (ccc) to become the change.

In the past, even Golden Minds may have been a strong campaigner and advocate for change, and not the much more important change itself. Today, we have realised that the desire for change is not unique to us, nor any other youth organisation, nor even you out there who is passionate about a better Nigeria. As a matter of fact, even the most corrupt Nigerian, leader or follower, desires it. But there is nothing wonderful about our desires, what is material is our working towards it.

By being the change, we are not just going to use all our energies asking for change from the assumed sole change-makers, like most of the over 70% of Nigerian graduates out there who end up without a job every year; by being the change, neither are we going to be demanding for that change from political leaders through violence like many youths such as us have had to eventually resort to; nor turning to a bureaucratic NGO that is too rigid to bend towards the youths out there who need flexible support to be a part of the change initiative. By being the change, we neither ask nor demand, we simply become the change everyone has continued to ask and demand for.

We are golden minds repositioning ourselves as individuals towards repositioning Nigeria as a nation. We are discovering, supporting and projecting golden minds towards locating, reaching and sustaining the golden land.

  1. 20/11/2009 at 07:02

    Absolutely, as a Goldenmind today, I’m a unique mind! I’ve taken it upon myself to be the change I desire, and not waiting for desired changes! I pray every Nigerian youth takes this golden decision.

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