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Who We Are

We are a small group of Nigerian youths who believe in Nigeria being one of the greatest lands in the world by working together to challenge the Nigerian youth to be one of the greatest minds around. When we say that Nigeria has a great potential, it is what she can be in the future beyond the now that it presupposes. And who else is the future or the potential of a nation than the youths of that nation? Rather than continue to fold our hands hoping that our leaders who are in power, whom we assume to be patriotic and selflessly committed to nation-building, will fix the hydra-headed problems, we have chosen to get involved. We have chosen to rise up to the challenge of leadership, provide and expand the possibilities and opportunities for empowerment, inspire and sustain a fresh patriotism and focus our immense energy on nation-building.

Today, we may not have the greatest resources to a rebuild our country, but with the belief that the mind of man is the greatest asset available anywhere, we remain undaunted. Undaunted because we have the consciousness that we have power in our hands – the power of millions of youths with limitless possibilities – if only we put our energy into positive change today. History has shown us again and again that what causes far-reaching impact in our world is not how much is involved, but who is involved. And as youths who are the future-base of any great nation, we are very conscious of the immense power in our hands. We are very conscious of what youths like us in other parts of the world have done, are doing and continue to do with their energy, their passion and their networks.

As youths in the 21st century where the constancy of change has been faster, bigger and global, we cannot afford to keep folding our hands. We cannot and must not continue to sit back to watch other forces of change from our leaders and decision-makers move us and the rest of the nation to and fro since 1960! We are also a great force of change that can play an active role in the driving process so that there is a concerted effort towards getting to our destination in a faster and less Herculean way that we have all been experiencing as Nigerians. That destination is a better Nigeria actualised through a better focus.

We, at Golden Minds Nigeria, have the noble vision of making Nigeria a golden land by challenging the youths to become golden minds. To become a golden mind is beyond joining us as a member, but being challenged to be the change that you desire for our great nation, Nigeria. And with the golden pillars of Leadership, Self-empowerment, Patriotism and Nation-building which we have built to support you solidly, we are focusing our energy on nurturing you to become a patriotic leaders who is empowered to build Nigeria. It is by seeing yourself as a leader that you can start taking responsibility as a Nigerian youth to be the change that we all desire..

  1. Mark Joseph
    11/07/2016 at 18:00

    well done guys, nice objectives and i will love to be a member

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