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Good leadership is key to transformation.


When a nation has the right leaders, the nation stands a brighter chance of getting it right.

That’s why a good leader appreciates the importance of putting national interest above personal gains. When a leader fails to show requisite political will to make the lives of the people better, sooner or later suspicions and distrust sets in.

If uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, unsecured are the feet that walk the ground. Nigerians have been unsecured for many years.

For decades, Nigeria has suffered the disease that comes with bad leadership. Unsure of the future, everyone struggles for his or her own food, job, house, light, road, security, and life- the government seems far away, lost in its own dance of democracy.

Leadership has been so bad in this country that a little less of what is bad is seen as a big break into the domain of good leadership. But is it? Are we on track? Are we there yet?

Since the inception of democracy, Nigerians have continued to have leaders who have failed to live up to the values and ideals of the Nigerian dream. Each time a leader comes with a vision (if any), vested interests come with a mission; the stronger of the two always wins.

Nigerians, we must fight the good cause- the people’s cause where the need for true transformation and true change are needed the most.

We must fight poverty and unemployment. We must fight waste and corruption. We must fight ourselves, uprooting what is ignoble and virulent from inside us.

This is no time to play ethnic, religious, or party politics. This is no time to protect personal egos while the nation bleeds. This is no time to win arguments while national unity, peace, and progress loses.

Regardless of the party or candidate you voted for, or supported, or prayed for, Nigeria as a nation won the elections. Nigeria never lost because democracy triumphed, at least as reported by local and international observers.

It’s high time we all became Nigerians, not just Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Ishan, Egun, Fulani, or whatever Ethnic group or tribe we belong to. It’s high time we held our leaders responsible and accountable, to the balls.

Let’s play ball.

This article was first published on Nigerian Youth Platform.

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