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Nigerian Youths Need to Unite for Growth and Development by Laila of Kaduna

I have been asked both in Nigeria and in other countries, why am I so passionate and want to help nigerian youth. People who personally know me say they can see the passion in my eyes when i talk about it. I will make it very simple and short.

I truly believe things can change and the ones to bring about changes will be the youth. There is a long way ahead, before we can see changes, and I am the first to admit it. But, it can be done. I have so much faith in the youth. I talked to so many of them and there are some bright young minds among us, but for reasons of poverty and other challenges, they do not have options and even feel depressed and angry, not to mention having feelings of hate.

Nobody was born with such feelings; feelings are learned through the years. I always tell such young people: “hold it right there.” They need to be taught that things cannot, and should not be changed by violence, hate, imposing fear in others. And besides that, these negative feelings affect their health.

A long time ago, I introduced in my life (among other things) the following concept: that even if I
am alone, I shall not allow myself to utter any bad words, because whatever comes out of your mouth, defines you as a person. Anything that you put out into the Universe, it will be given back to you.

I look forward to that day, when any of our youths will graduate to be invited at his/her graduation or to a new work place and my smile will beam from one end to the other and I shall proudly say: “that is my adoptive son/daughter….he/she has made it.” That is going to be my biggest reward. I will do it, in spite of all hurdles and attacks and difficulties thrown at me by certain politicians, by certain greedy individuals who put their ambitious plans for power ahead of being human. Some people told me that maybe even my life will be in danger. Well, if I haven’t died until now, it means there is a purpose to me being alive and feeling better than never before.

To our Nigerian Youth, I would like you to know that I believe in you and there are some other people who also believe in you. Only together, only by listening and learning from others’ experiences, we shall be successful.

Peel the many layers of different attitudes, beliefs from yourself and reach your core, your substance. I know that is the hardest thing to do and admit, but be honest with yourself. You have to desire change with all your might. Acting on impulse, or foolishly will not help you. Use your brain, open up.
Cut the cords to all the old ways that did not work. There is light at the end of the tunnel, believe me.

And I shall extend my hand and my heart to all of you and so are the others who understand my vision, my desire. We shall be there to train you, guide you, counsel you, defend you…and the destination is beautiful. You and me and everyone else shall enjoy the view. I believe in you all. “All for One and One for All”

Laila Stocky, known as Laila of Kaduna, was born in Romania. Multilingual, she has spent many years in Nigeria, and has a passion and vision for youth development as a tool for national advancement. She is the Founder of the new MYDEN (Movement for Youth Development in Nigeria).

Image from Nigeriamasterweb.com

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