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A Message to Nigerians in Diaspora by Julius Bokoru

Dear Most Nigerians in Diaspora

You too are Nigerians like us. Many of us, Nigerians living in Nigeria, chose to remain here even in the midst of opportunity to live, work or school abroad. Many of us are still staying around to fight, to bleed and to seek for a better country. We cannot all become subjects, willingly or unwillingly, of the West’s brain drain, for if that happens Nigeria will be irretrievably lost.

Now, there are some issues I will like to discuss here. We too are very much disappointed by the slowness of growth here in Nigeria, and we too are agitating. But unlike what many of you now do, increasingly, we are not writing first class satirical pieces that gets published in first class world media. You write from the coziness of USA, Canada, UK, France and the rest. But we, we write our protest with the ink of our own blood.

It is not untrue that many of you
now see us just the way your foreign hosts see us: Second class humans, unintellectual, religious fanatics, inherently corrupt, and so on. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve friends like many of you who are schooling and working abroad. When some of them return here for holidays, it is not often difficult to notice how they begin to look at me like one from the dark ages. I will appreciate it more if some of you return home and share your new found rennaiscance with us, and not always hurriedly judge us the way you now do.

And always remember that you are still Nigerian, still African – your fine prose and logic cannot make you European or American. Of course, not. Not in the eyes of your new god, that not a few of you now seem to serve away from home. Perhaps, I should ask that you find some time to carefully study the history of your beloved America, if you stay there. You will find that that country was built on God as the firm foundation. And interestingly, America pioneered the world in everything until the late 80’s when they decided to relax many of their
laws which led to the sharp rise of immorality, and since then America lost many of their edges. They lost technology to Japan, they lost economy to China, they lost medical expertise to India, and lost architecture to the UAE.

Today, up to 70% of Americans believe there is no God. But America became what it is today when the people greatly believed in God, when they gave it the motto ‘In God We Trust’ when they fondly called it ‘Gods own country’. I believe, strongly too, that the apparent decline of America can be related to their abandoning of their faith in God in the 80s.

Wherever you are, always remember that one can acquire all the knowledge in the world and still lack wisdom. Knowledge is merely the gathering of facts and information, wisdom is a fusion of knowledge and understanding. You are Nigerians. You are Africans. You are one of us.

Julius Bokoru is a poet, creative writer, humanitarian, teacher, and student who loves people who see beneath vanity’s deceptive surface. This piece was first published on his Facebook timeline.

The image is from Chika Oduah’s blog.

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