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World Aids Day: a Special Publication by Golden Minds Nigeria – Everyone is Invited to Participate


As World Aids Day approaches this December 1, Golden Minds Nigeria would be coming up with a special publication on our website to mark this special day set aside to bring attention to the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

You are all invited to be a part of it by dropping your comment here on whatever you have to say about the virus/disease. Every comment would be published in the relevant part of the publication. You may drop your comment here or send it to our email address: goldenmindsnigeria@gmail.com

If you had love to be part of those preparing the publication, you can volunteer to join the research team to help put the necessary resources and statistics together.

While suggestions are welcome, everyone is encouraged to participate. Thank you!

Editorial Team
Golden Minds Nigeria

  1. 14/11/2013 at 06:14

    Since the advent of this killer monster, HIV AIDS, many many beautiful lives have been taken away and/or shortened and many many families have had to go through some much because it is said to be incurable. Many many currently plagued by this immune-destroyer are being discriminated on many levels. But as we commemorate the World Aids Day this year, we must remember that PLWHA are just ordinary people like we are and are no less humans. We owe them a duty of treat them as such. And more importantly we owe society and posterity a duty to find a permanent cure to this condition. Yesterday, malaria was incurable, today it is curable; today HIV AIDS seems incurable, tomorrow it will be curable. But it begins with you!

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