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Man o Man! Art Thou Truly Superior Over A Woman?


You say she is loose. She is a slut. She is irresponsible. Yeah, she is, you say. Her actions make you cast aspersions on her. Her actions make you look down not only on her but the entire woman folk. They are all the same you scream. They are the sinners. Men are the saints; it doesn’t matter their offences. We were born to be you preach. We are simply superior to her and the rest of the female gender. Hmmmm

But what you don’t know is the reason behind it all. You don’t know her struggles as a child. You don’t know how she grew up under a man who shirked his responsibilities as a father. You don’t know that she grew under a man who thought by simply paying the bills he had more than fulfilled his role as a father to her. You don’t know the psychological and sometimes unnecessary, inappropriate physical pain she endured as a child from him who was supposed to uphold her dignity the most.

She longed for her father’s love. She sought his approval. She craved his affection. But he was to busy being a man he simply wasn’t one! You don’t know she never got to know what true love is all about. She doesn’t understand what being responsible involves. Her father, or perhaps other older men around her did not quite display such character.

You don’t realize she was abused in different ways, sexual and otherwise, by an older man – that neighbour, an uncle, her teacher. I know of a young girl – eight at the time – raped by a married man with kids too. I can only imagine her emotional trauma now that she’s grown older. I wish she becomes the stronger though. I. Wish.

Or she is aware of someone who was ‘dealt’ with in such manner. She grew with all of these experiences which made her vulnerable. Made her loose. Made her irresponsible, or succeeded in turning her into an emotional deep freezer. She is simply emotionless.

You refer to her as a bitch. Heck she even tells you I’m a bitch. Nigga, Deal with it. She barks. But now she remains only but inferior. It was such thoughts that made her dealt with in the first place. Such thoughts justifies that she deserves whatever it is she gets. Whether she like it or not.

Yet I thought no one at birth chose to be a female. Or a male. Maybe I am wrong as I didn’t quite think it through. I don’t think so though! PS: Men your ‘strengths’ do not make you superior just as her ‘weaknesses’ do not make women inferior. If we all play our roles properly, there will be no need to argue over who’s superior and who’s not! At least God did not create anyone superior or inferior. When a man is joined for example to his wife, they become one. So He said.

Fortunately, because I have a woman, a mother whose love for me is nothing short of impeccable plus other women that have and still play a key role in my life even suffered much on my behalf I cannot see myself as superior to a woman simply because I possess XY chromosome while she an XX chromosome. If I am superior to her it must be due to a different reason.

Raphael Ojigbede is a Doctor. He is a graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State. You can connect with him on his Facebook profile, Raphael ‘Rafosky’ Ojigbede.

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