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The State of Nigeria at 53: A Celebration of Possibilities or Failures? by Yibakuo David Amakiri

naijaria-599x300On 1st October 2013, Nigeria celebrated her 53rd independence anniversary. While in various corridors of government their was pomp and pageantry on the tasteful Tuesday, on the streets and in the minds of ordinary Nigerians there was no much fuss about the day. After all they have celebrated it 52 other times and it looks as though with each celebration comes a new challenge.

‘Why should I celebrate?’ said one beer parlor enthusiasist, ‘when Jonathan and this our yeye Governor don carry all our money put for their boot’. ‘Abi you no see wetin Boko Harams dey do our Christian brothers for north?’. ‘My bros we dey IMSU dey house now because their lecturers dey vex say politicians salary high pass their own!’ I met the young man on my way to the Stadium in Owerri, Imo State on that ‘green and white’ day. On getting to the Stadium, I noticed that while many school children engaged in march past enthusiastically, there were many other of their more grown compatriots who were not as enthusiastic. They were more of the mood of that beer parlor enthusiast. And all over the country there are many of them. Interestingly many of such people profess ‘unquenchable’ love for their fatherland. There is the irony, so many profess love for Nigeria but yet cannot let their actions do the talking! I know for sure that love is better expressed in times of trials. It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said the ‘ultimate measure of a man is not in the time of comfort and convenience but in the time of crises and controversies’. Luther King Jr would really have detested the attitude of many Nigerians to their country. From his statement I just produced, it is obvious that many are not ‘man-ing up’ to their country in these times. Too many fair weather compatriots. Yes! It is the bitter truth! I still remember how many Nigerians were celebrationg the victory of the Super Eagles in the AFCON in Jan. ’13 while prior to that time many would rip your hat off for calling them ‘Super Eagles’ as they had been more ‘suitably’ described as ‘Super Chickens’ by their very own supporters! Dont get me wrong. I’m not against the celebration of victory. After all I did celebrate as well by chatting up a few friends and colleagues. I’m also not against constructive criticisms. What I’m against here is the attitude of my compatriots when there is no victory!


Nigeria, to me, is a country of possibilities. We’ve got so much to celebrate and achieve if we can let our belief hang on! You might ask ‘what possibilities are there?’ Let me touch a few. The biggest asset of any country is its human capital. We’ve got around 170 million Nigerians! Just imagine, if only half of that amount were educated or trained in some art or vocation, oh boy! What a country we would be. Dont forget the fact that these Nigerians are talented in many ways. I attended one of the largest federal universities in the country. And in one class of one department alone, you could see there were just so much talent everywhere. In one department alone, there were talented footballers, crazy comedians, wonderfully talented musicians, actors and actresses and more surprisingly very very strong entrepreneurial ideas! Thats in one institution in one state alone. There are hundreds of Universities in Nigeria! Thank God we’ve presently got a lot of Reality TV Shows trying to harness the undiscovered entertainment talents. My guess, with respect to entrepreneurship is that it wont be long before we see the Nigerian Apple, GE or Louis Vutton. Apart from human capital, barring recent turbulent activities of extremists in the North, Nigeria is a relatively peaceful country. If you think its not, then I urge you to apply for a Syrian or Afghan Visa immediately. There are just a few troubled states in Nigeria mostly in the north. No, just think about it! There are no ‘natural’ disasters! This means that Nigeria can still tap alot into its tourism market. A market worth trillions of dollars globally. I could go on and on. But that would be for another day. There are challenges of these present times no doubt, but those challenges only represent the small picture. ASUU strike is the small picture. Bad roads are the small picture. Oil bunkery is the small picture. They are all small pictures! One thing is certain, Nigeria is not where it is supposed to be but it is not where it used to be. Its a country with immense potential. Its a country with so much possibilities. And I’m calling on you to join Nigerian citizens like me, Senator Ihenyen, other Golden Minds members, Folurunsho Alakija, Aliko Dangote and a few others to live the Nigerian dream!

This three paragraph article is written by Yibakuo David Amakiri, one of the contestants in Golden Minds Nigeria’s Write & Win Independence Day Competition. All entries are original as they have not been edited by us in anyway, except the illustrative pictures. To vote for him as the Winner, simply drop a comment for him below. Thank you!

  1. Anwal jeff
    09/10/2013 at 18:03

    Come are u patriotic or not, why u dey call our footballers Super Chickens, this is treason and it is tagged national insult under section 16 sub section 10C of the 1999 constitution. No wonder u put big big English, so that u go win. well I pray make u win sha, ur article make sense. thumbs up men

  2. Amakiri
    09/10/2013 at 19:36

    @Jeff thnks for d comment. I called Super Eagles dat name becos prior to the nations cup thats what you called them. Anyway i was playing on the ironies there! By the way which part of the constitution is that? Ha!

  3. friedel iluebbey
    10/10/2013 at 10:09

    first of all this is not a misleading,u no what i mean.secondly ,this guy is just like minority of us who r stil optimistic about our dear country -nigeria!lastly.this is on point.u no what i?-d raw state of things @ 53.tanx boss!

  4. friedel iluebbey
    10/10/2013 at 10:18

    first of all this is not a misleading headline,u no what i mean.secondly ,this guy is just like minority of us who r stil optimistic about our dear country -nigeria!lastly.this is on point.u no what i?-d raw state of things @ 53.tanx boss!

  5. chymaural
    11/10/2013 at 20:41

    Thumbs up ,Dav…you have always been a patrotic fellow!…a nice write-up

  6. Aleeh
    11/10/2013 at 21:04

    It’s time we see the big picture. Well done David Amakiri.

  7. Amakiri
    12/10/2013 at 07:02

    @Friedel, tnx sir! I’m also happy dat men like you are there to inspire us that there is still good in d land! Thank Aleeh and Chymaural!

  1. 15/10/2013 at 23:24

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