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ROAD MAP TO SUCCESS: 10 Tips to Get You There – by Ayodele AWI


There are many aspects to becoming succesful, and stare your future in the right direction. One way could be by standing out from the crowd to achieve a successful career. Another way is to be the risk-taker as an entrepreneur. But in taking on these challenges, sometimes you are likely to loose your bearing; miss your way; or get lost totally. It is in such situations you need a road map to success.

In this part of our Steer Your Future series, I greatly appreciate this awesome opportunity to write on such an all-important topic as helping you find your own road map to success. At first, I asked myself: if I am to write on how you can find your road map to success, can I say I am already successful? Am I worthy of sharing my own personal experiences with people about success? Then I remembered the definition of success by Brian Tracy, “Success is a journey and not a destination”. The common misconception most people have about success is thinking that success is only when you have ‘arrived’. This is wrong. Success is not just about the final outcome, but about each successful approach; the right attitude, and the right steps at the right time. IT IS THE JOURNEY, NOT THE DESTINATION.

Evaluating myself based on this insightful knowledge, I understand that I have a success story to share which I have decided to summarise in ten tips. These are tips I learnt from a great man – Lance Watson. They have worked for me and I believe they will surely work for you. Remember, life is governed by principles and not sentiments. The principles of success are universal. Don’t just read, do these things and success would be inevitable.


1. Determine your position
Imagine you are heading to a friend’s place and lost the address; you call the friend to ask for how to find your way to him. I’m sure the first question your friend will ask you is, “Where are you”? In the same way, to get to anywhere in life, the first thing you MUST do is to discover where you are and admit it. Determine your present position. It is then you can really determine your direction to success.

2. Define your purpose
This is one part where a lot of people miss it. It took me years of search before I could also answer the question of my purpose in life. The truth is that without purpose, your passion will be misdirected, your energy unguided, and your work, unfulfilling. Every man is created for a particular purpose, so unique to him that anything outside it would not bring fulfillment. Men without purpose are said to be alive without living. To define your purpose is to discover your ordination. Jeremiah 1 shows that every man has been ordained for a particular purpose before his birth. The creator is the only one who knows the ordination of his creation. The only way to define purpose is to ask God to reveal your ordination to you.
3. Discover a promise
The whole world was formed by words. Have you ever given any thought to that? No machine, no equipment, no manpower – just THE WORD. The truth is there is a promise in the WORD for each part of your journey in the WORLD. Get a promise, believe it, confess it and live according to it and you will see that your world will align with the promise. God’s words do not fail and there are thousands of promises in his word for whatever you are going through in this world. Don’t live your life by guesswork. Discover a promise and depend on it.

4. Describe the profit
One of my favourite quotes is, “To be passionate but penniless is the greatest punishment”. For you to be successful, you must continue to motivate yourself with the profit of becoming successful. Without profit, frustration will set in. Every achievement has rewards. If you have not been seeing the reward, learn to master the business of your talent. That is what Steve Harris called it. Find him and learn how.

5. Desire in prayer
When you desire success in prayer, God will answer. Psalms 20:4 says “May He grant unto you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill ALL your plans. So first, desire, then pray and He will definitely grant it.

6. Diagnose the problem
Every problem is an opportunity to break new grounds and achieve success but you must first diagnose what the problem is. One of the major challenges today is that many are zealous without knowledge – which is disastrous. People will only appreciate your solutions to the problems they face. Hence, diagnose the problems properly. This is key to the relevance of your solution and ultimately, your success.

7. Design a plan
Next thing is to have a proper plan. This is like the map that links where you are and where you want to be. It is the connection between the failure of yesterday and the success of tomorrow. Don’t just act but plan and be deliberate in your actions. Someone said, fail to plan and plan to fail. True, isn’t it?

8. Discipline your personality
More important than competence is character. John Maxwell once stated that leadership develops daily and not in a day. This is also very true for success. Your personality – evident in your attitude, behavior, habit, actions, and responses – must be well-cultured and disciplined to be successful in life.

9. Deposit the price
Every reward has a price that must be paid for it. The sooner you realise and deposit the price, the easier your success journey becomes. Many at times, we want the reward without paying the price. Life doesn’t work that way. No wonder the scripture says, “…the son of God became the son of men so the sons of men can become the sons of God”. God had to deposit the price (the live of his begotten son) to get more sons to Him. What a great lesson about the power of sacrifice! Deposit the price for success too.

10. Depend on people
A journey in isolation often leads to desolation. We really cannot do without people. God designed this world for us to depend, lean and co-operate with each ne another. That was why He said it was not good for the man to be alone. Research has also proven that the greatest punishment that can be given to a man is solitary confinement. This clearly shows that loneliness is totally bad and dangerous. “We” can do better than “I”, so depend on people and see your dream of becoming successful become true.

I wish you the very best and think about this: “As we pay our condolences to the air crash victims let us remember that the money left in your bank account after death is the extra work you did rendered unnecessary”.
Ayodele Awi

AcmeBound Nigeria in partnership with Golden Minds Nigeria

  1. ken Ejiofor
    05/10/2013 at 09:12

    This is wonderful. Thank you

  2. 02/11/2013 at 09:39

    Like my road map, I now get to read this article in every position I find myself, particularly as I understand that success is a journey, not a destination. This has also been my own experience in the projects I am involved in. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Ayodele Awi.

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