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Re: Femi Fani-Kayode: One Nigeria, Fantasy or Reality? by Dr. Raphael Ojigbede

Concerning the recent controversial views of Fani-Kayode, first of all I must acknowledge the fact that he is free to express his opinions. And he has done just that.

However, whilst he is free to do so, it must also be noted that opinions that bring or tends to bring about division rather than
unity as his is most honestly not needed in our nation, not now and certainly not ever. Such statements only serve to heat up our
already inflamed polity. And for a nation that has had to survive a civil war in the
past, we surely don’t need such reminders. The disastrous extents that such unguided ethnocentric utterances can escalate to is better imagined.

To be sure, I must say I was deeply saddened by his comments on the Igbo/Lagos “deportation” issue. I did read his bitter ‘truths’ about Igbos, and the first thing that came to my mind was: to what end really Uncle Femi? Really, to what end?

There have been several responses to his rants or outburst as it were, rightly or wrongly, but I strongly believe that the day we begin to see ourselves as an indivisible and single entity, the day this country will begin to truly move forward. I
long for the day in this nation where we would go to the polls to vote, not because the candidate is an Ibo or Yoruba or Bini as me or Christian or Islam as me but because he/she has the interest of Nigeria, one Nigeria at heart. Is this a utopian expectation?…nevertheless I would dare to hope!

He spilled his bitter ‘truths’ because someone said Lagos is a no man’s land. On the face of it, yes Lagos may not be a no man’s land but a Yoruba state, but is that really the Nigeria we want where we have
Yoruba or Ibo or whatever tribe state? What about a Nigeria where we are all one regardless of our different states?

Sadly, we may never be able to completely put off tribal sentiments or inclinations due to the multi-ethnic nature of our country. But at least, we could begin to try as it would be great to attain that point where every state really is no man’s land as it were!

A great responsibility lies in the hands of
we youth. The responsibility to realise the true Nigerian dream. For the role we play or neglect, fail or refuse to play in choosing to make this our dear nation truly ONE, or choosing to take the route of our different tribal pathways, posterity will hold us responsible.

We must not forget that if we choose to continue to tow the part of ethnic zealotry and socio-cultural supremacy, we will continue to be very far from realising that dream of a truly wonderful country we can all be proud of. But if we begin to look beyond this, we can evolve the Nigeria of our dreams!

Mind you, if we keep looking out for our ethnic gains alone, we can as well just decide to split up. But that possibly is the hardest part as it is most likely not going to happen without bloodshed. My opinion. So I ask, is it not better we work for our collective interests then?

I urge us to continue to pledge our allegiance to our dear nation, to never forget the labours of our heroes past, to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory. So help us God! Amen!

Raphael Ojigbede is a Doctor. He is a graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State. You can also read his last article here Connect with him on his Facebook profile, Raphael ‘Rafosky’ Ojigbede.

  1. Y D Amakiri
    17/08/2013 at 13:00

    I think Fani-Kayode’s antecedents speak for themselves. Moving forward as a country, this ethno-centric chauvinism must stop.

  2. 23/08/2013 at 20:59

    The older generation continue to fail us. Their stereotyped views about this nation continue to pull us back from realising the Nigerian dream. Truly, Raphael, I greatly look forward to the day when every part of Nigeria would be “no man’s land”. Thanks for the piece

  3. Ifeoma igwebuike
    25/08/2013 at 00:48

    Well, wat can we say?Wen bats lead, myopia bcoms a national syndrome.

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