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The question does seem like an easy one to answer, but if you take time to ponder over it, you’ll most likely realise that there is more to it, especially when we get to relate it to the employment situation of the country.

Our education sector keeps pouring graduates into the labour market, year in year out. And so employers have a very large pool of people to pull from and absorb into their organisations. But there is a clause. And whether or not we want to believe that this clause exists, it is true – Recruitment is not an obligation for any organisation, this means no organisation will employ just any kind of graduate all for the sake of fulfilling some recruitment obligations. They have to be convinced that whoever they will be bringing in to join their team is worth it. Companies want to remain in their line of business and make profit and they need to make sure that the set of people they are going to employ have what it takes to make this possible. Hence, the essence of the question, “can you stand out from the crowd?”

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “what (skills) do I have, that will sell me out the more, or to put it in a better light, that will give me an advantage over the teeming number of applicants who are applying for the same position just as I am?” It is when you have found out what these skills are that you can begin to work on yourself to develop those skills needed to help you stand out from the crowd – in essence, give you an edge.

Skills are not just talents ‘untapped’ or potentials ‘undiscovered.’ Rather, skills are talents and potentials that have been tapped, discovered, refined and redefined and more importantly, are ready to be deployed for use. In the 21st Century, your ability to learn, “unlearn” and “relearn” is crucial to your success. I also believe that the moment you come to a consciousness that you know nothing, you have succeeded in knowing that you do not know; and therefore have come the first and most important step in learning – because, now you want to know.

On this column, I shall be introducing to everyone, “subtle” but important things that will enhance your skills, help you develop your inherent potentials, and teach you practical and strategic ways of deploying those skills and potentials in the market place. Remember, everyone lives by selling something: it may be a product, a service, an idea, or even your personality. It is all about presenting yourself or whatever is coming from you in a way that it is irresistible – this is the key to relevance in today’s workplace, some call it “BRANDING.”

I will be leaving us with a quote worth pondering over until next time when I will be coming again to intimate us the more on ‘standing out.’

“What you do differently is what makes you different, what makes you different is what makes you unique, what makes you unique is what makes you stand out.”Ayodele Awi

  1. 15/08/2013 at 00:35

    This is a wonderful piece!

  2. Y D Amakiri
    17/08/2013 at 04:02

    Thank you Mr. Ayodele for the great insight. I’m sure I’m better prepared now.

    • 08/09/2013 at 21:38

      You are welcome Amakiri, please don’t miss the September edition. It promises to be quite educative and informative. Thanks

  3. 23/08/2013 at 20:50

    Standing out from the crowd is just like selling something you unique. I agree. That’s why today the concept of an individual as a brand has been growing increasingly. Looking greatly forward to the next. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Peter
    25/08/2013 at 18:38

    Yes, youth unemployment is so high. But I don’t know for sure…is the way out how to be perfect for these employers or how to become one?

  5. 08/09/2013 at 21:10

    Thank You

  1. 09/09/2013 at 00:10

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