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Why Not Write and Make Things Right? by Dr. Osemudiamen Esewe

One of the marks of a civilization is the writs that are left behind. We know about the beginning of the world because Moses (under God’s inspiration), wrote it down for us. We know about wars fought, battles won and lost, because these soldiers after partying and drinking would sit down and write down the tales for their children and coming generations to be aware of.

We know their stories are true because we see many people writing down the same stories. We know the songs sung by warriors of time past because people saw it as equally important to write down these songs for their children.

Writing isn’t something for just the Shakespeares or Wole Soyinkas of any generation. True, literature deserves some level of special respect and recognition, but I insist that writing is not a special call reserved for a few. It is the responsibility of every generation as only words that are written would live into eternity.

We now depend on the electronic media, and modern print as bloggers and journalists report the stories and events of our time.

However, some problems currently exist with these writers…first, most of them report only “matters of
national or international importance”. The truth is, only one blessed with the gift of hindsight would really know the matters of national importance. So I ask myself, “why not write it all down?”

Secondly, this age has abused the sacredness of writing, by writing for money. This naturally means some facts are withheld while others are exaggerated thus making them lies. Many journalists tend to write towards the cash flow.

What then should we do? We should write then. For at least two important reasons. The first is for planning. It is sad and painful watching fellow youths living as though life begins tomorrow. No planning, only drinking and partying. Social media even goes further to express the minds of most people and the content of the average youth’s thought is often more discouraging. The focus for so many now is on material things.

However, when we realize that life is as a dream, it may just put things into perspective. How do we remind ourselves then? By writing? Even the best of us gets distracted by the adrenaline rush in society but on the day we decide to number our remaining days, wisdom naturally enters our steps.

Writing down of personal objectives in life such as “what do I want in life?”, “what do I need to get these things?” , “what do I need to avoid?”,”where am I right now in my plans?”, “what do I want to be remembered for when I’m dead?” is very essential. This attitude can go a long way in helping us retrace our steps and live meaningful lives. Try it now. I assure you, it works.

The second reason is for posterity’s sake. Writing helps to keep record of everyday. Each one of us is the most important living person to each one of us. Hence, we would want to be remembered naturally. We’ve read about King David; we’ve read about the Apostle Paul. We’ve heard about Prophet Mohammed; about Lady Theresa. We read about Adolf Hitler; about Adam and Noah.

Who will write about your family? Who will write about your childhood? Who will write about your first memory? Or about your first love? Who will tell about your first surgery? About that terminal illness that God healed you of? Who will hear about your successes? Or your failures? Who will learn from your mistakes? Who will hear your voice after you are dead? Will the truth of the events die with you?

The world is running. Fast food. Fast cars. Witty jokes. Quick sex. No honour anymore. No value to anything. Family life for many is now only a fantasy. We can save this world from folly with a. pen. We can point out errors we ourselves have made. We can tell the truth – there is a God, and He demands that we tell it. The future demands that we have enough sense to write it all down. Write. Write your life down. Write right now.

Osemudiamen Geoffrey Esewe is a Doctor and graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Benin. You can connect with him on Facebook: Osemudiamen Geoffrey Esewe

  1. Y D Amakiri
    31/07/2013 at 07:22

    A good read. I think I’ve got to work on that now.

  2. Kenneth Ejiofor
    31/07/2013 at 08:43

    I really love personalised stories, I wish people will be sincere enough to write it exactly the way it is. Thanks for the message, coded.

  3. 31/07/2013 at 15:55

    Being an author myself, I greatly appreciate the power of writing. Dr. Osemudiamen has just put it in black and white with a golden pen! We should tell our own stories. No one was born to be an author. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”, says Tafawa Balewa, the 1st Prime Minister. Keep writing, Dr!

  4. Ererosa
    02/08/2013 at 12:25

    hmmmm…. started nursing this same thought some days back and now reading this from Dr. Ose…. i think its time to start acting by picking my pen…. well done sir

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