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Golden Minds Nigeria @ 9: Golden Vision, Green Rebirth

Today, Tuesday, the 16th day of July, 2013, we at Golden Minds Nigeria happily celebrate our 9th anniversary as a growing family of impact!

Yes, it was on July 16, 2004 that a group of motivated and visionary students of the University of Benin, Benin City, led by our Founding President and Project Director, Ken Ejiofor, founded the “Golden Minds Centre”. Ken Ejiofor was himself inspired by the vision of King Awuhe, one of his spiritual mentors.

All through their course of study on campus, the likes of Ken Ejiofor, Frederick Odogwu, Ezekiel Okonana, Daniel Okumina, Ufuoma Esemuede, Harrison Ekhoegbe, William Edobor, Rita Afudah and many others, grew the golden seed into a green branch that gradually became a shade on campus to like-minds rooted in the Faculty of Agricuulture, University of Benin. It eventually had a branch in the Faculty of Law, first tendered by the “ancestor”, Ijeoma Malasowe, with his colleagues, Senator Ihenyen and David Amakiri. That was 2007.

We dreamed dreams. We faced challenges. We won some; we never lost others – as we keep evolving knowing that every challange is a stepping stone to success. We brainstormed. We developed plans and projects. We touched minds. From the “Green Flag” project covered by the NTA, Benin, to the revolutionary Jingle Magazine, where Prof. Dora Akunyili was supportive. We displayed the “gold” we were made of. No doubt, some of us were stronger, but with the vision of a common change, we found strength in one another. And it is that spirit we celebrate today on the occasion of our 9th anniversary!

“We are not yet where we ought to be but we are not where we use to be”, the words of the one time Campus President, Ufuoma Esemmuede. As far as change remains constant, this statement would remain true all through the journey to the “golden land”. That place of youth empowerment and national advancement built on golden values, strong principles and institutions of good governance, economic growth and development, gainful employment, social justice and national re-orientation.

We speak with one voice against the violence in our dear nation, Nigeria. To Boko Haram, we stand and say, “Boko Halal” (education is permitted). To corrupt leaders abusing the privilege of office, we say transparency, probity, integrity and due process should be upheld in governance. We speak and advocate for the rule of law and constitutionalism. To the actors and actresses, players and cheerleaders in Port Harcourt, now under siege as the House of Assembly of River State is being reduced to a lawless chamber largely due to legislative lawlessness and political witchhunting, we advocate for peace, law and order.

To the educational sector presently in a worrisome state of coma, with the universities on strike once again, we urge the Federal government to take the future of this country more seriously by duly performing its own part of the bargain as reached in the mutual agreement with ASUU in 2009. The future of young Nigerians is not negotiable; quality education cannot be continually compromised. It is not worth the risk.

Finally, as a body of Nigerian youths, we must encourage the over 80 million youths out there to never give up. In the face of the alarming unemployment in the country, the tendency to involve in robbery, cyber crimes, electoral violence and other criminal activities would be understandably high. However, we at Golden Minds Nigeria strongly encourage our youths to challenge themselves to be the best that they can positively and possibly be. There is a lot we can do for ourselves, if only we focus our energy in the right direction. Together, we can make Nigeria a better place for all of us.

Long live the golden vision! Golden Minds Nigeria! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

The National Executives
Golden Minds Nigeria.

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  1. uc
    19/07/2013 at 18:50

    Keep it up.
    May God reward this labour of love

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