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You Are Created to be a Success by Nelson Nzah

There is something I have come to understand about success. It is that success is not all about the luxury items you have, or the amount of money
that is in your account. Rather, it is the lives you are able to impact that determine how successful you really are.

I can remember vividly that 30th day of May, 2012, when I had just graduated from high school. A remarkable day, it was a very awesome moment of my
life – the best day I can ever think of.
On that day of our valedictory service, I came to understand that the life one lives has a lot to say about that person. After giving the senior prefect speech, and was thinking of the next step of my life, and what kind of impact was I going to possibly make in the world, and on myself. On that sameday something unbelievable happened. Something I find hard to fathom.

One of my juniors had approached me and said, “Senior, I want to be like you. I just love the way you do your things.”

While I was too amazed at what he had just told me, he went ahead to overwhelm me even more. The junior student took out his handkerchief
and used it to wipe away the dust on my shoe.

If you are beginning to wonder what this little story got to do with success or how it affects making you successful, the point is that you need to realise that you don’t necessarily need to have millions of naira before you can meaningfully impact life someone’s life.
To be sure, living a life of positivity; a life full of love; a life full of
happiness, are the values you need to be a success.

To be successful, if you don’t learn to fight the real you that lives inside of you, you can’t possibly be the success that you wish to be. It is not ggoing to be an easy task, but if you are not prepared to get out of your comfort zone, you are most likely never to be addressed as a true success. It might interest you to know that the reason we remain essentially at the unenvious level we are is because we keep living in our comfort zones, too free and relaxed. Unchallenged.

Another barrier to achieving succcess is that most of us have learnt the habit of giving up much too easily. In other words, we throw away our potential leadership in the area of life we find ourselves. Our failures would have been stepping stones to success, if only we strive to take one more step rather than giving up completely. If you don’t learn to fight for what is rightly yours, you can hardly be successful. And what is yours is what you conceive in your mind, believe with your heart and work for with your hands.

The reason why God stopped sending manner from heaven is not because there were no more. Have you ever wondered if it is because God
realised that His people had began to feel too relaxed and layback in their comfort zones – those free zones where everything has been provided for you without you having to lift a hand. That zone where you just sit back without taking any meaningful or concrete action but expect the awesomeness of God manifested through daily manners. I personally believe that He didn’t create man in His own image for nothing. We have been giving those creative abilities to also create ppossibilities, and not just sit and wait on others.

Marvelously, I have come to discover and understand that there is something great about God. He is a God of action. He acts. And the only way to operate meaningfully in the realm of success is by understanding how to take the right steps; how to act; how to be a man of action.

To be successful in life there is one important thing you must always guard and protect, because it is the source from which the value of your life is largely determined – our thoughts. Our thoughts simply carve our lives. With your thought, you can “think” impossibility into possibility. God Almighty created the earth with His
thought. Little wonder He said that the thoughts I have towards you are the thought of peace, the thought of greatness, thought of wisdom. All His creatures possess this greatness and wisdom today, including you!

Therefore, for you to be a success, ensure at all tines that you guard your
thoughts. Think positively. Think differently. Act like a success. Live like a brand new and unique product on high demand. And never forget the
ultimate thing, which is “action”. If God merely. thought of a beautiful and
great earth and never took the step to actualise it, He would never have succeeded bringing His thoughts to reality. You’re that reality. Action is the key to kick-start your dreams today.

Nelson Izah is one of the Founders of the Achievers’ Group. You can contact him via his email: theachiversgroup@gmail.com

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    Great work piece. It has blessed me.

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