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You Have All the Potentials to Succeed by Emeke Nwaoboli

One evening, I sat on a chair as series of thoughts sprang up on my mind. I wondered why many people die without making any impact despite their God-given potentials. I thought of graduates who complain of not having jobs, and also thought of wealthy people who didn’t need to step into the four walls of the university to become successful. For quite some time, such greatly marvelled, particularly when I strongly believe that there is no reason why one can’t “Think and Grow Rich”.

You have all you need to succeed. Stop solely praying to God for “unmerited favour” but work hard so He could bless the works of your hand. It is a thing of great pain to me whenever I travel along Abuja-Lokoja Road and New Benin road, Benin-city to see healthy and beautiful grown-ups, parents and their little offspring all begging for alms. Personally, I feel it is a shame seeing potentials wasting away in the lives of men. Indeed, sometimes I am enraged with the apparent laziness of many of these beggers on our roads. Not oblivious of the difficult economic situation in our country where close to 120 million Nigerians feed with less than 160 naira daily, one undeniable fact remains that IT IS A SHAME TO BE HEALTHY AND DEPEND ON PEOPLE ALL OUR LIVES! YOU ONLY BECOME SLAVE TO YOUR HELPERS AND ONLY BECOME MASTER WHEN YOU STOP

Most people are unhappy with themselves having failed after many trials. Many have given up hope. Others believe some witches and wizards are behind their failures and frustrations. But who says failing cannot be a closer step to success?

Interestingly, many of the great men you see today had in one time or the other failed. But they chose to keep trying again. They never gave up. Do you know that ONE CURIOUS THING ABOUT GREAT MEN IS THAT THEY FAIL GREATLY, RISE QUICKLY, AND INFACT THEY EVEN TELL YOU THAT FAILURE IS SUCCESS! It is not as if they planned to fail or failed to plan, but every time they failed, there is always a new thing to learn. A building block from a collapse building for a new one.

How many of us have the courage to be persistent after a thousand fall? Many just change their goals once it appears to them to be too hard to achieve. That is the way and mentality of the weak. WEAK PEOPLE USUALLY LOOK FOR THE EASY WAY TO SUCCESS, BUT EVENTUALLY END UP AT THE WIDE OPEN GATE OF FAILURE.

For the purpose of reaching your full potentials, I also strongly encourage you to stop living in another man’s shadow. You must realise that you have all it takes to reach your full potentials.

Challenge yourself to create your path and leave a print. You know how John Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was told by his teachers that “he was too stupid to learn anything”. He was even fired from his job for not being productive. And late in his 60s, fire destroyed the plant where he had spent more than 10 years working on a battery. He never gave up! He only thought of the way ahead. And that kept him going. Today, he is celebrated as a great inventor.


Your future is a unique one. Never regret the past, but think about the future. I once came across a woman who was preaching in a bus when suddenly a man said to her:

“Madam, why are you preaching after I saw you
yesterday prostituting?” Shocked, all the passengers in the bus were staring at the woman. But she was not ashamed. She just said to the man, “That was yesterday, and this is today. Old things have past away, and when one is with God, he is a new creature”. Then she continued preaching as the man was tongue-tied. Assuming the woman allowed her past eat her up, she would have been disgraced and wouldn’t have been able to continue preaching. Little wonder, the actor, John Barrymore said that “a man
is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.”

Be repentant of your sins, but do not allow regrets weigh you down. Start newly. As John Mason would say, “never build your future around your past. The more you look backward, the less you will see what’s ahead of you”.

If you have been looking for a job without success for years, is it not possible to start thinking and planning on starting a business of your own, and employ? It will not be easy. But you can start small and grow big. Dare to take up the challenge that as a graduate, you’ve been wired in the University to be universal in your thinking. Bring forth the value of your education and add value to your life and the lives of others.

According to Habakuk 2:2, sit and
write down your visions. Everyday try to achieve a portion of it. And at the end of the year, know why you didn’t achieve some, or how beneficial the achievements were. You are born creative, stop limiting your potentials.

It may not be that job you want so badly. It may be that best-seller book waiting to be written. It may be that sporting talent you have but chosen to bury. Even apparent disabilities may, like the cornerstone, become the hidden abilities you are yet to discover. Think of Ajiroghene Ikono, a disabled Nigerian comedian who makes good money by making people laugh. Haven’t you had of the great musician Ayafele, who though crippled, didn’t become a begger but a music star.

There is always an ability in disability. Ever wondered if you were created the way you because it is only through a person like you that sommething uniquely inspiring can be best appreciated? Your success would inspire others to at least, try.

I will leave you with the words of George Eliot, “it’s never too late to be what you might have been”. Learn to appreciate your potentials. Don’t envy others for there is a greater YOU in you. Having learnt this, take an action now. Discover your talent and your dreams, for they are what you need to succeed. YOUR BRAIN IS GREATER THAN A COMPUTER, SO MINIMIZE YOUR PROBLEMS AND MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIALS. Discover your full potentials!

Emeke Nwaoboli is a member of Golden Minds Nigeria. He is a young and motivated Nigerian, who loves motivational writing, creative writing and passionate about nation-building. Connect with him on his Facebook profile: Emeke Nwaoboli.

  1. 13/07/2013 at 15:42

    With each article, Emeke gets better and better at this growing interest in helping Nigerian youths succeed in one of the most challenging places to have a dream on earth. Fine piece.

  2. 14/07/2013 at 13:00

    The zeal to make the world a better place keeps me writing. Our youths and humans in general are posed with little challenges which they call “big problems”.
    With this article, i want them to know that they- i mean we all have the potentials we need to succeed.

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