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When Your Best is Not Good Enough by Ken Ejiofor

Best of the Best

In life, there is always a better place to be as no one is in a perfect situation. But the pride in man most times doesn’t allow him accept the fact that he is deficit in certain areas. You often hear this statement; “I have tried my best”. For this reason, men quit from putting in more energy, as they realise that their best has not yielded the expected result.


Do you know that the statement quoted above mostly come when you are frustrated in what you are doing and at the point of giving up? “You may never know how far man can go until you decide to go further” says a wise man. But how many persons are ready to go the extra mile especially in a course like ours – ‘Nation-building’, where our reward is not immediate and cannot be readily measured. Do you know that some of the founding fathers of our Nation risked their lives while others went as far as paying the ultimate price for us to be what we are today? It is your turn today to secure and improve on what we met.

It is not difficult to list out the various problems facing us as a nation today. But how many possible solutions have you listed? And how many have you started working towards as an individual? The desire for a better Nigeria is good but it should not be your best. Crave to be part of the change!  Having hundreds of vision concerning our glorious future is very good but it should not be the best you can offer. Start living the dream with all passion and enthusiasm.

Being a member of Golden Minds should not be the best you can offer. Get to the point where you will be the most valuable member with your active participation and contributions. Reading this article should not be the very best you can do, but endeavour to meditate on every sentence and decide to have a positive change of attitude towards rebuilding Nigeria. The truth is that, the better your attitude towards making impact in life, the better life becomes for you.

As rightly put by an American Clergyman, Charles R. Swindoll, “Words can never adequately convey the incredible impact of our attitudes toward life. The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it”.

If you take a moment to consider the above quotation, you will discover that all that you have faced as a Nigerian is just 10 per cent compared to a better life which will result from the 90 per  cent of how we respond to the ills in the land. In one of my write-ups ‘Nigeria today; a blessing in Disguise’, I had made it clear that the situation in the country today gives room to everyone with a vision to shine because every sector is calling for a messiah.

However, this could only be possible if you have the right attitude towards Nigeria. Never conclude that your current best is good enough. Whenever you achieve a particular goal, set a higher one. Thankfully, the YES! Newsletter this January has so much for Nigerian youths on personal goal setting!

As you work tirelessly to make impact in Nigeria, you are 90 percent becoming better as an individual. Whenever you are confronted with challenges and the mindset that you have tried your best tries to hold you back, always speak back to your inner man that your best is not good enough. Let’s go higher this 2013!




Ken Ejiofor is the Project Director, Golden Minds Nigeria. The Founding President of Golden Minds on Campus in UNIBEN in 2004, he loves travelling, public speaking, and reading motivational books. He has an ambition to be a divine Minister of God’s word and be a strong voice and influence in government towards making things right. You can connect him  on Facebook: Ken Ejiofor


  1. 26/01/2013 at 22:35

    Very inspiring one this year from Ken Ejiofor, our Founding President! I cannot agree less. I personally try to give my best at all times but I hope to do better this 2013. Thanks for sharing!

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