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Secrets of Effective Reading by Emeke Nwaoboli

reading Do you experience challenges whenever you read? Lack of concentration or inadequate comprehension?
In this article, you get to learn the secrets of effective reading that guarantee success all the way. Enjoy and please do leave your comments!

I consider this a good avenue, and a
great opportunity to enlighten us on
the secrets of effective reading. My heart
is always heavy when I see people
striving to read, but end up sleeping or
not understanding what they have read. For this reason, I decided to ink
down some secrets of effective reading
under three main categories which are:

1. How to read without sleeping.

2. How to read and understand.

3. How to improve your reading skill.

Therefore, if you have been experiencing any
problem while trying to read, worry no more
! After reading and putting these secrets to practice, you will start reading
effectively without snoozing or
dumping that book halfway! Enjoy
your reading, and hope you won’t nod
off while reading this useful article?

1. How to read without sleeping : Sleeping while reading has been a
major predicament for most people.
In order to overcome this, some people
have gone to the extent of taking pills
that will make them not to sleep.
Though medications might help you stay awake, but bear in mind that you
can never cheat nature. The
disadvantages of taking pills far
outweigh it’s advantages. FOR YOU TO

The first effective secret and skill of
reading without sleeping is to always
rest and sleep during the day, or before
reading. While reading, do not relax on
your chair nor lie down. Sit up and
switch off your air condition or fan, because they might make you to doze
off easily. If you feel some heat, then use your
hand fan. Fanning yourself is a sought
of exercise, and will prevent you from
sleeping easily.

You can also read aloud. When you read out a book with ecstacy, you will
hardly sleep. Reading while standing up is also an
effective secret. Often times, when we
sit and read, we find it difficult not to
blink our eyes. So, for you not to sleep,
read while standing, or better still, do
some exercises like jumping and jogging for a few minutes.Thereafter, you can take a cold
shower and zoom back to your book.
Also, you can deep your leg
in a basin of water while reading. It is good you read with a
bright light and wash your face with
water once you start feeling sleepy.
Then after practicing these skills and
you still can’t read at night, then I will suggest you always read during the day, rather than at
Although this secret does not work well
for everybody, but you can try it and know if it will work for you.

2. How to read and understand: After learning how to read without
sleeping, then you need to know the
effective secrets of comprehending
what you have read. Many people read
but do not understand. This is usually because
they read in the wrong manner. It is a well known fact that some people just read
without a reason. Please, before you
read, always have a reason for reading.
You can read for fun, exams, to acquire
knowledge, etc.
A reason to read gives you focus, enhances concentration and drives your determination. And to understand what you are reading, always read in a quiete place
like the library.

Furthermore, as you are
reading, do not be absent-minded. Focus. To aid yourself adequately, it is strongly advised you have
a reading timetable. And do not be in a
hurry to finish up so that you will not forget the
nitty-gritties of what you have read. It is very worrisome how some people force
themselves to read even when they are
in a bad mood. When you compel

yourself to read, you will not get the
picture of what you are reading. And
even if you do, you can easily forget it! Never force yourself to read because it is
like planting a crop on a rock. Effective reading requires adequate preparation, if you must be successful.

Moreover, endeavour to read books with simple diction so that you can easily
fathom what you have read. If you are
an average reader, and you read a
book containing too many jaw-breaking
words, you might find it difficult to understand that book. Nevertheless, if
the diction appears difficult, but you are
interested in the book, then use a
dictionary to check the meaning of
words, phrases, idioms
etc. that you find difficult to comprehend. It is also good you avoid watching
movies while reading. Watching movies
while reading will distract you, and affect your comprehension.
Moreover, it might also make
you sleep off. To understand fully what
you have read e.g a textbook, it is advisable you read the same topic or
subject written by different authors. You can also make more research on the
Internet, and know all the nooks and
crannies of that book. Also, for you to effectively understand what you
MONEY, LOVE, FRIENDS, SEX etc,. If you do it, you are most likely to misunderstand or misinterprete what
you have read.

Finally, always pray before and after
reading. Always beg God to make you
understand what you have read, for
with Him, all things are possible.

3. How to improve your reading speed: Some people have never finished
reading a textbook. They can’t just read
a 250-paged book for instance! They are not truely
determined, so they find it difficult
reading a voluminous book.
To improve your reading speed, first, YOU MUST BE ADDICTED TO READING.
Read all the time, and don’t neglect any
book because no knowledge is a
waste. Be interested in the book you
are reading, and be determined to
complete it within a short time. Always stipulate a deadline for each book, and
try never to exceed that deadline.
Do not re-read unnecessary sentences
or chapters; in many cases, depending on the nature of what you are reading, re-reading will slow you
down. Also, do not read word-for-word like kids, but try to read a sentence or more
in a single look without moving your head to and fro. Avoid distractions. If you have a book holder, place
your book on the holder so that your
hand will not become stiff and result in fatigue. While
reading, keep your phone and computers at arms length because if
you don’t, you will be tempted to use
them thus wasting time and distracting yourself.

Another secret of improving your
reading speed is to skim some chapters,
paragraphs, lines etc. (in a literary work
for instance) that are not really neccessary.
Before you also read, take a glance at
the cover of the book, then read the preamble and contents, if any. If you are
smart, you can even know the main content of
a book by its preamble or by reading
the first and last few paragraphs. To improve your reading

As they say, “one man’s food is another
man’s poison”. Some secrets mentioned
above might not work for everybody.
But if you continue to practice them, you will be amazed with how effective
you will be when reading. To sum up everything, reading is
mandatory for those who crave for
knowledge. It is a ladder to a greater

Emeke Nwaoboli is a member of Golden Minds Nigeria. He enjoys writing articles on self-development, success and youths. You can reach him on Facebook: Emeke Nwaoboli.

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