Have you ever imagined yourself
becoming successful starting with
nothing? Now you can discover the keys to success are right in your
hands! With this article, you will
discover that it is not hard to imagine and start becoming successful on your
own watch at absolutely no cost!


No doubt, there are a great number of
books and articles out there on how
to be successful. Most likely, many of
the authors try to show you the
secrets of success. However, there is
one thing that is common with most of them – they assume that you’ve got
“something” to start with! Yes, a
material investment…usually, some
appreciable amount of money. Right?
But, have you ever imagined yourself
becoming successful starting with nothing?

Practically, I have seen
many individuals start out with literally
nothing. And such people are some of
the most successful people in the
world today! They challenged
whatever disadvantaged background they came from and made their own
silver spoons! You have probably
heard about how Sam Walton of Wal-
Mart began by opening one single
store in Arkansas and before his
death, he was the richest person in America worth more than $100 billion!
How did he do it, you might ask?
Enough of Sam Walton, Bill Gates,
Warren Buffets and the likes! Let’s talk
about you! Yesssssss, YOU! You are not
a success story…well, yet! Probably, you are unfulfilled, unmotivated, or
just a broke-ass! So, if you ask me,
what should be bordering you right
now is: how can I become successful starting with nothing?

Ask “The
Millionaire Next Door”, a great book by
Thomas Stanley and William Danko.
The straight answer from over 8% of
such successful millionaires is: it is not
a better education or more intelligence, but hardwork unequalled
by others. Now, let’s get started with
how to make you successful starting
with nothing!

You Must be Out of Your Mind If You
Don’t Have a MIND of Your Own!

The first and most important thing you
need to become successful starting
with nothing is…your mind! Need I
ask if you have a mind? I find Collins
Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms
very interesting here. “Mind” is given to be synonymous with the “brain,
head, imagination, psyche,
thinking, thoughts and
concentration.” Others include
“intelligence…reasoning, sense, spirit and understanding” etc. These words
altogether greatly capture the
meaning of “mind” in every sense of
the word! In this context, you have a
mind – your brain, imagination and
thoughts. I always like to think that your mind is your most valuable asset.
You must learn to apply them rightly.
Many keep undermining the power of
the mind to their own big
disadvantage. Where the mind is
applied to creating things of value, the returns can be very rewarding! Of
course, the mind is not an Island just
as man is not. You must continually
challenge yourself to apply your mind
to something worthwhile.

From my own experience of
maximising the potentials of the
human mind, it involves certain stages.
At first, you need self-awareness, self-
rediscovery and self-development.
Others are self-realisation and self- actualisation. Of the over 6 billion
people on the planet, only a little over
5% of us have reached the pinnacle of
success! You must realise that your
mind is everything – rich or poor; big
or small. Your mind is filled with talents, and abilities; skills and intellect.
You only need to discover and
develop them. Just look around you –
your social, economic, cultural and
technological environment and
discover where you can create value or add value to something. Apply
yourself to things of value. Create
value. Sell value. Get value. The “mind
is a terrible thing to waste”, said
Nigeria’s first and Only Prime Minister,
Tafawa Balewa. To underestimate the power of the mind at any time is
tantamount to not using the computer
in the current information age.

today, if you’ve not already started,
build on your potentials and maximise
them fully. Now you know better why Napoleon Hill once thought rightly,
“what the mind can conceive and
believe – the mind can achieve.”

You Need All the TIME
You Can Get!

With your mind intact, the second
greatest thing you need to become
successful starting with nothing is
time. Yes, time! That’s easy right?
Wrong! Time is the most expensive
concept in the world. It is so expensive that even Warren Buffet
can’t quite get his money to buy it all!
All achievement, all results, all success
requires time, emphasised Brian Tracy.
To become really successful starting
with nothing, you must be ready to invest a great amount of time in things
that create value for you. Curiously,
entrepreneurs who are four times as
likely to be millionaires as people who
earn a pay-check working for big
companies have been described as persons who risk time (and money) to
manage a business. The essential
point here is for you to appreciate the
importance of time in becoming
successful starting with nothing.

Time is of great value and it is the most
highly-priced commodity in the world.
Employees get paid for the hours
given to working for their employers.
Masters reward their servants for the
time given to serving them. Entrepreneurs make money from the
time given to satisfy their customers
with their products and services.
Worldwide, many people are doing
two to three jobs on a daily basis
because they manage their time well and sell it to three different employers!
And you are out there wasting time!

The question is: who or what are you
giving your time to? If it is to your
employer, your employer must be
creating value for others; and if it is to yourself, you must also be creating
value for others. If you do otherwise,
your time becomes worthless,
rendering you payless, broke and
valueless! Yes, I’m taking it that
personal with you! The good thing about having time is that you may be
poor cash-wise, you are rich time-
wise. If you’ve got no money to make
more money, you had better put
yourself in a position where you can
afford time even without a dime. You must be rich time-wise, otherwise you
greatly risk being poor for the rest of
your life!

Start Making Things
Happen by ACTING Right Away!

Now that you’ve got the mind and
definitely (I hope) the time to apply it, you need
just one more thing – action! What…?
ACTION! This is one crucial element of
becoming successful starting with
nothing. Think about it! If you’ve got the biggest idea and you give all the
time you have in the world to cook it
up, but fail to act on it, is it not better
you were never born? In a world
where great minds merely conceive an
idea and spend their lifetime perfecting the idea, there wouldn’t be
Google, eBay, Blackberry (Research in
Motion) or even Coca-Cola! Why?
Sergey Brin and Larry Page (aged 24
and 25), founders of Google were not
sure at the start of how their site would make money and there was no
business plan! Technology guru,
Pierre Omidyar launched AuctionWeb
(now eBay) site without any idea of
what type of things people might want
to sell or buy! Mike Lazaridis’ mind in his teenage years was full of
seemingly endless ideas and
inventions, but at a point he decided
to act by starting Research in Motion
(RIM) and launched the first
Blackberry a year before the millennium. Finally, Coca-Cola was
created by John Penberton in 1886
after he acted by experimenting with
combination of leaves from the cocoa
plant and caffeine-rich kola. He also
took steps to test it on customers before selling the product.

So what’s
the point I have been sweating to nail
head-on? “Invention is 1% inspiration
and 99% perspiration”, answers
Thomas Edison. Start using your mind, time and act on your ideas now! Meet me at the top

This article was first published in Bizcovering.com, an online business resource: http://bizcovering.com/small-business/my-top-list-of-how-to-become-successful-starting-with-nothing/2/

Senator Ihenyen, a former two-time Campus President of Golden Minds in the University of Benin, is a Lawyer and writer. His blog: http://www.senatorihenyen.wordpress.com

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  1. Amakiri Y D
    18/10/2012 at 12:12

    Great stuff frm the master himself, I’m definitely inspired to use my mind, and time to produce action!

    • 23/10/2012 at 08:49

      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad it inspires you in some way to get you started.

  2. Amakiri Y D
    18/10/2012 at 12:13

    Great stuff frm the master himself, I’m definitely inspired to use my mind, and time to produce action! Thanks

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