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On Nigeria‘s 52nd Independence Anniversary

Today, October 1 marks Nigeria‘s 52nd Independence Day Aniversary! Congratulations to us all for the progress achieved so far despite the daunting national challenges!

We are not unaware of the poverty, unemployment, corruotion and national insecurity staring us in the face as a nation-state. The socio-political, economic and religious problems haven‘t gone away after 52 years of independence. However, we remain positive and strongly hopeful that all these will soon be a thing of the past as we work together to build a greater Nigeria

Individually and collectively, we must build on our strengths to realise our full potentials in a country blessed with such rich human and natural resources. Surely, it is not daylight yet but we believe we are not where we used to be despite the threats on our national unity through violence. This country is our own, and we have the right to live as Nigerians and have a dream that one day we shall take over because it is not over until it is over! Let us continue to build on the appreciable progress made in electoral reform, anti-corruption and power reforms. We can get it right if only we can think right and work together at all levels for the transformation of Nigeria into a golden land.

Below is a link on President Goodluck Jonathan‘s view on how we are getting it right this time around. HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!



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