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The Secrets of a Successful Youth (II) by Emeke Nwaoboli

From the previous article, The Secrets of a Successful Youth (I) by Emeke Nwaoboli , in this article, he completes the journey to success this week by showing us the rest of the secrets we need to be successful. Enjoy reading and commenting!

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In the previous edition of this article, I
unveiled that “Expecting Obstacles” is
one of the secrets to success. Now that
you know that there are obstacles on
your way, you need not quit your
mission. Rather you must continue your journey to success by taking action on
the remaining success principles below.


The Holy Bible says that as a man
thinketh, so he is. You can never be
successful when you welcome negative
thoughts. Let the thoughts of your
heart be positive, because whatever
you think of always come to you”.

“What the mind can conceive and
believe, it can achieve”, says Napoleon

Never say “i can’t”, but always profess
good things in your mind. You are
whom you think you are. If you think
you are a failure, you become a failure;
but if you think you are a victor, then
you will elevate from doom to boom.

I can further buttress this point through
the ‘Law of attraction’ which states that
“you attract to your life whatever you
think about”. In a nutshell, it simply
means that your predominant thoughts
will always come to pass. Your thought is like a stranger in your
house; if you welcome him
exuberantly, he will stay, but if you
don’t, he will flee from your house. So, always think positively. Don’t
welcome negative thoughts
exuberantly, so that you will achieve
positive results. Nonetheless, when you feel that your
negative thoughts are dominating you,
share them with great minds because
a problem shared is a problem half-


Don’t spend all day waiting for manner to
fall from heaven! Be hardworking and
compete with people better than you
are. A brief flashback to my experience some years ago will vividly make my point clearer. Years ago, I was as slow as a snail in
reading the Bible. One of the sisters in
the church would always open and
read the Bible whenever the Pastor
mentioned any of the books. This embarrassed some brothers and me.
After some time, we discovered that the
secret to be as fast as she was is to
compete with her! Eventually, many of the brothers
couldn’t continue this competition, but I
never gave up. Today, I can open and read the Bible as fast as I can blink my eyes! I successfully achieved this result
because I worked hard and competed
with someone who was better than I
am. However, do not forget to work in what
gives you joy and interest. Stand with
the strong, but stand for the weak.
Then will your hardwork be crowned
with success. Also, as you work, be conscious of time and always plan ahead. Time is
money; if you waste your time, you
waste money.


Always keep learning. Remember what
Albert Eistein said, “once you stop
learning, you start dying”. Read motivational books like: The
Power of Positive Thinking
, As a Man
, You Can Heal your Life, Think
and Grow Rich
, etc. They will inspire
and increase your knowledge greatly.


“The most exhausting thing in life is
being insincere”, says Anne Morrow
Lindbergh. Think before you talk, let
your ‘yes’ be affirmative, and your ‘no’
be certain. Do not be under false colours, and
dress neatly. People can define you
with your dressing.
I realised this when a friend of mine
went for an interview with his eyeglass
on the forehead.
“What is this thing called?” The
interviewer asked him pointing at the
“It is called an eyeglass, sir” my friend
“I am sorry youngman”, the
interviewer told him. “You cannot be
interviewed, let alone be employed in
this company”.
“Why sir”, my friend questioned
“You can’t be employed because your
dressing has defined you as a
disordered man. If you are employed,
your work will be in disorder just like
the way your eyeglass is on your
forehead instead of your eyes”, the interviewer concluded and left him
So be careful with what you put on. Little
things matter a lot.


Why worry while you can pray? Some
youths may have been denied of their
success by diabolical means, and only
prayer can set them free from such situation. Particularly, when you have tried the following
success principles and it doesn’t work
out, then pray your way out. Prayer is
the final key to set yourself free from
failure by opening the door of success.

To draw the curtain, the summary of
these secrets is that for you to be
successful, you must have a VISION,
take an ACTION, and PRAY with
It is after knowing and applying these secrets that you
can realise your full potentials. If you really want to be successful in
life, act now or never. Do not let your
biography end with “And he died an
unsuccessful man”. They that have
ears, let them hear.

Stay Golden! Stay Patriotic!

Emeke Nwaoboli is a member of Golden Minds. He is a young and passionate Nigerian youth whose vision is to positively impact the youth and live in a united Nigeria. You can contact the author through his email: emekanwaoboli@yahoo.com
He will be happy to hear from you.

  1. Nzube Eboh
    21/09/2012 at 18:41

    This is a great sequel to conclude the previous one. You really know the secrets of success for true.

  2. 23/09/2012 at 10:11

    An evolving voice, Gold Emeke Ihenyen‘s secrets to success are worth keeping in the golden box of the human mind

  3. 26/09/2012 at 18:39

    What a well researched article by Emeke. This article will serve as an inspiration not only to the youth, but also to adults. Please continue to inspire us. Be encouraged to do more research on topics that will be beneficial to us all and share accordingly. More lubricant to your elbow boy!!

    • Emeke Nwaoboli
      26/09/2012 at 23:05

      Thank you all for your comments, i promise to do my utmost inorder to motivate, inspire and create positive changes in the lives of all our citizens.
      Once again, thanks for your comments.

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