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Acts of Golden Minds: Reaching for Greater Heights by Ken Ejiofor

There is no static position in life, either
you are making progress or you are
regressing. The day a man stops living for the
future he begins to die. There is
always a greater height to attain. There are opportunities everywhere
for those who choose to see. You may
never know how far a man can go
until you risk going further from
where others stop.

When you make
up your mind to move ahead, the necessary strength needed will be
supplied supernaturally. It is nature’s
law of life. “God having provided some
better things for us, that without us
should not be made perfect”, says Heb
11:40. It is the Lord’s doing. He has set everything in place to accomplish your

Everyday has its own glory,
wisdom, knowledge, understanding,
revelation, and power which must be
searched out by men for their own
good. Watch it! Ensure that you are in line
with your life purpose everyday.
Check the decisions you take, even the
company you keep.

Make sure that at
all times you are moving towards
actualizing your vision. No day should be left out. Remember, each day
comes with its own empowerment for
you. You can’t afford to settle for the
low places. Gird your lions; don’t give
up, ensure you are moving forward.
Though you may be crawling, but don’t stop, you will soon walk, then
run and possibly fly to soar.

Become responsible for your future.
Someone else may have been
responsible for your predicament
today but your tomorrow is your
responsibility. Lets go! There is a
greater height to attain.

Golden Minds, nation builders!


I shall not be static in life. I am taking
the right step in the right direction.
Forward ever!

First published in the maiden edition of Jingle, Golden Minds’ national magazine in 2010.

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