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The Golden Land: the Vision Ahead, the Height to be Reached!

Imagine a place where the vision of making Nigeria a golden land has been achieved and all we are doing is involving ourselves by taking others along with us, exchanging ideas, realising our full potentials and sharing the Nigerian dream! That place is the Golden Land!

Here, the Golden Land is our open forum, where you can exchange ideas and express your crucial opinions on pertinent issues. Such issues could be a proposed project of Golden Minds, your ideas on the way forward to get us to the next level, or your opinion about the issues affecting the Nigerian youth today, including national and global issues making the headlines in today’s world.

Below are what some Goldenminds feel the golden land which is our vision for Nigeria is all about…

A golden land is that which her dwellers see as their responsibility to protect and improve; a fair ground for all to thrive, and exploit there potentials with equal rate… where good talks.” Ken Ejiofor

A golden land is an attractively beautiful land without spots or blemish, where everything works. A highly esteemed one among others. Just like gold (object) “give” various unique products, a golden land “encourages” all sectors that projects it’s beauty. Its sparkling and enticing beauty is enhanced by peace, unity, progress, stability, love, patriotism and selfless or sacrificial leadership. A golden land can never be found ready-made. It must have undergone serious “HEATING” to be refined.” Fred Odogwu

“A golden land is a land of opportunities, a land other nations approve of; a land that is the envy of all nations; a land where there is transparency in leadership; a land of integrity, peace and tranquility; a land where the inhabitants are proud at all times, anywhere, under any circumstance to say they belong to that land.” Ezekiel Okonana

A golden land is that great place of limitless possibilities and boundless opportunities that is unleashed when we positively challenge our minds to do the seemingly impossible.” Senator Ihenyen

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