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‘Nigerian Youths Are Not Yet Ready for Leadership’ – I.B.B: What is my stand? Omena Dan Whiskey

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Based on all these, can we as Nigerian youths realistically, objectively and honestly say we are really prepared for leadership in Nigeria without necessarily looking at the person who said it?

If we can honestly search ourselves and say no we are not, does it mean we should allow persons who are old enough to be our grand fathers continue to recycle themselves with other semi-dead brains, evolving parochial policies for the betterment of Nigeria? The answer is no!

I think this is a wake-up call on the part of every Nigerian youth to stand up with all the vibrancy, vivaciousness and soundness of mind and body to rise to the challenges, surmount the insurmountable, make the difference, impact the change and stand our grounds for what is right irrespective of who or what gets burnt.

Its high time our youths faced the situation, sometime somebody was saying someone like Oby Ezekwesili, former Minister of Finance are youths! No they are not! They are part of our fathers and mothers, the elderly and until we as youths dust ourselves of such mentality that we, this generation of the youths are the ones we are referring, the better for all of us because if we continue to nurse such mentality, IBB’s statement will continue to hold sway.

I personally don’t think the IBB statement will continue to be true only if we stand up as ‘real youths’ to take decisions and actions and reorganize our priorities in life so as to make the difference, then we will be able to impart our own quota in developing this country of ours. By so doing we will count this claim of the Rtd. Gen, making it never to fulfill and declaring it null and void; this is my stand!

Whiskey Dan Omena
Member Golden Minds (Law Affiliate)

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