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Self-empowerment: Power Only You Can Unleash (1) – Senator Ihenyen

Self-empowerment: Power Only You Can Unleash (1) – Senator Ihenyen 


I have always believed that understanding the meaning of a word, as simple as it is, is the key to understanding our world, as complex as it often seems. Thus, it will not be totally wrong to say that the world lives in a word. And as a young writer myself, I find that this is the way it really is, and should be if humans must communicate for a better world for all of us, rather than degenerating into lower animals, speaking languages of war, nuclear weapons and terrorism as it is today.

Words are symbols of communication, and such is the simple word, “self”. It is quite interesting and wonderfully revealing to really understand the meaning of this four-letter word, as a starting point to discussing the title of this article centred on self-empowerment. Apart from its other meanings such as a person’s own body and personality; and one’s own personal interests and advantage, as given by the Chambers Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, what really hits the nail on the head in the context of this article are other of its meanings. “Self”, inter alia, means showing that the person or thing acting is acting upon himself or itself; showing that the thing is acting automatically; by oneself; and in, within etc oneself or itself.

Having established the meaning of “self”, let us quickly consider the meaning of “power” from the word, “empowerment”. According to the same authoritative source, “power”, inter alia, is (an) ability; strength, force or energy; authority or control; and a right belonging to a person in authority. Therefore, to be self-empowered would mean to have the ability to supply oneself with the strength, force or energy one needs to control, act upon and within oneself, thus establishing a right to be an authority in greatness. This meaning is arrived at with the combination of the various meanings of the two constituent words, “self” and “power” with which “self-empowerment” finds expression.  

Whenever you hear the word, “self-empowerment”, you had better be ready to face the inherent challenges it implies. It is one of the most difficult things to achieve in life, yet one of the most rewarding! I have never been drowned in the illusion of believing that the world will give us anything we ask for, but anything we fight for. Self-empowerment is a subtle way of saying, “stand up and fight for yourself, because you won’t get anything from life if you don’t give anything to life!” Never be deceived that there is no price to pay, as nothing is free even in Freetown! What price you pay for what you need is determined by what you have, and what you have is in turn determined by what you are worth, and what you are is also determined by what you are and what you believe you are. You cannot give what you don’t have, and conversely, you cannot have what you didn’t give! Even miracles follow the law of nature, and magic is exactly what it is – magic – unreal. Self-empowerment is for real, and it is having your bright future in your own hands, rather than waiting for others – parents, government, the church or mosque, or even God. He will not be happy with you because He did not make you His greatest of all creation for nothing! He has given you dominion since genesis, and you are out there waiting for revelation? May God forgive you for looking down upon Him who is in you, He who is greater than he who is in the world!

To be self-empowered, you must begin to act upon yourself and within yourself. Self-empowerment starts from the inside – the mind – not the outside. Most people usually think that when they are asked to use their mind, it is mere psychology, and nothing more! And they are usually right because they have conditioned their minds to believe it is not for real, therefore their minds give them exactly what they asked for – something not for real! They forget that whether or not they apply what they have been reading from a mountain of books, such as Napoleon Hill’s words in Success Through a Positive Mental Atttitude: “What the mind can conceive and believe – the mind can achieve,” the subconscious will take full control. When we are asked to use our mind, it simply means conceive, believe and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Who else will help you do these, if not yourself? And if you do not believe in yourself, do you really think you are worth living? If living is merely breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide for the rest of our lives, the essence of life would have been lost. According to Napoleon Hill, you are the most important living person! And if you never realised this until now, consider the words of Amram Scheinfield, an expert in genetics: “Stop and think about yourself. In all the history of the world there was never anyone else exactly like you, and in all infinity of time to come, there will never be another”. So who are you? Exactly! You are what you think you are!

If you want to be self-empowered, what must you do? Good question. Do exactly what the thousands of successful people in the world did and still continue to do and will always do: make use of every opportunity, no matter how little it seems! Yes, opportunities are always around us. It is just that it is often when we really open our eyes to see them that we call them opportunities, and everyone begins to rush towards it, whereas it has always been there – and there are even many others! An American billionaire who runs a computer company had said that he is not scared of his competitors, but scared of that poor guy on the street walking about with an idea in his head that can reduce his business to nothing! Are you that “guy”? If you say you are not the guy he is talking about, you are very correct because you are what you think you are!  

Stop waiting to be empowered by the government, become self-empowered. You are already empowered, all you need do is discover it yourself and take advantage of it. You must continually challenge yourself to make advancements through the development and refinement of your mind. This requires a step from self-awareness to self-rediscovery, and from there you can step into self-empowerment. At this stage, your power is unleashed towards the attainment of self-realisation and finally, self-actualisation! Have you taken any of these steps yet? Which stage are you right now? When are you going to get to the last stage? Do you have a plan? What are you building on? Mrs. Charles Philipia, who walked on foot from New York to Miami has volunteered to get you statred: “It doesn’t take courage to take one step. And that’s all I did really. I just took one step. And then I took another step. And then another and another and here I am.”

Face the challenge of always creating value in yourself. You are not a liability to yourself, your family, community nor society, you are an asset! Discover and realise your potentials through personal development. You’ve got abilities, skills, talents and all those hidden treasures inside your mind-box. Use the key you need to open it for the whole world to see. And that key is you. Find the keylock and there you are: an open box of wealth, a better world for you and all of us! 

Rather than cite all those western figures, such as, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Albeit Heinstein, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, who I suspect have become nothing but an old song in your ears, look around your immediate environement and you will find people like you accomplishing their dreams and apspirations by doing what you are still dreaming to do. Take advantage of every little opportunity that comes your way to empower yourself. Never do it for the money. Never. Or else, you would have ended up selling your priceless asset!

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