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Welcome to our New Website

Our New Website?

I’m privileged to let all members and intending members of Golden Minds out there know that we have a have drastically enhanced the content of our website! This is in line with the desire of the leadership, shared by our valued members, to renew our drive for positive change! We are not unaware of the challenges we have had to face as a relatively new youth organisation in Nigeria, comprised of graduates and undergraduates. Since 2004 till date, we are proud to say, although we are not where we ought to be, we are repositioning ourselves for the next level. And it begins with you as a Goldenmind, we cannot do it alone.

Therefore, ther renewed and re-engineered Golden Minds has been individualised so as to meet your needs as a golden mind for the realization of the golden land. What is meant by indidualisation is that your organisation is now better focused on you as an individual within our body. As a functional part of Golden Minds, we want to solidly support you so that you are better positioned to solidly move Golden Minds forward towards the achievement of our noble goals and objectives for vision actualisation.

Containing over 10 new navigation pages with interlinking sub-pages running to over 17,000 words, the new content of our website has been designed and developed to make you more motivated, productive and supportive of our collective goals. You can now get to know more about us through who we are, why we are unique and our vision and mission. Also, you can meet the Goldenminds, get to know what we are doing on campus, through our Foundations, new Golden Structure and Foundational meetings.

To enhance communication with other like-minds like you, we have created 24/7 Internet for a for you, through Golden Minds on Facebook, and our very own social network, Golden Minds Nigeria Forum. Consistent with our renewed drive to help you bring about a new Nigeria, we have provided our four-fold Golden Pillars to support you all the way. See the ugly picture that should challenge you to step up to the task of Leadership, Self-empowerment, Patriotism and Nation-building! Also get to know some of the programmes we have held through change-driven projects and initiatives, including getting an up-to-date diary of events at Golden Minds! You want to join Golden Minds today? Great, it’s just a click away!

In the Join Us page, get heated up in the Fireplace, our membership screening medium, as facilitated by our dedicated Goldsmiths. If you are not worth gold, you cannot be a member of Golden Minds? And if you would like to start Golden Minds on your campus or community anywhere in Nigeria, we now have just what you need to get started with the Golden Minds Starter-Kit!

However, because no man is an island, Golden Minds do not intend to work alone in the noble course of nation-building. The GoldenWeb page provides a great opportunity for other youth organizations and change-driven bodies and individuals to get involved. Find out the benefits of the GoldenWeb and how to be a part of it!

To keep you ahead in the information age, we have also designed what will be a one-stop shop of information for you! The Data Bank provides you with a periodically updated database of documented information on public policies, statistics and important reports, such as Vision 20:2020, the Seven-Point Agenda, National Youth Policy etc.

Of course, you can support Golden Minds through sponsorships and partnerships that work! NGO, MDA, faith-based body, corporate body or philanthropic individual, you can get to know that what we have is exactly what you need, and what you have is what we need! You can also kindly and charitably donate to us as well. You want to contact us, our addresses are there. Always feel free to contact us. Contact Us.

For the purpose of making this an unprecended success, your valued suggestions, comments and of course contributions, through new ideas, articles and feedbacks, are awlways welcome. We need you. We cannot do it alone. And this is why I will quickly use this opportunity to thank all the members of Golden Minds who, one way or the other, contributed towards our new web content and the ideas that run through it. I have utmost faith in us that we can even do more! Together, we can get to the golden land before we know it!

Just follow our sitemap, and you will never be lost on our new site! Looking forward to your contributions towards making Golden Minds serve you better so that you can serve Nigeria in the best possible way. May God bless all Goldenminds, bless Golden Minds Nigeria; and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Patriotically yours,

Senator Ihenyen

Web Master.

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